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How to create a compelling backlink profile?

There are a lot of misconceptions in a link building industry which is quite ordinary for the digital marketing industry. No matter how many years of experience do you have in this sphere, you will never know precisely how Google accepts your site and what this search system will do next moment. Only Google developers and webmasters can know it for sure. We just have to use what data we have and our experience to influence our site rankings. 

There are a lot of regular statements and relatively new ideas about backlink profiles and backlinks. Let us discuss the most common from them:

“Rel=nofollow” links do not provide any value

“Rel=nofollow” is a special backlink tag that tells search bots do not index such links and do not pass any link juice through them. There are a lot of debates about the value of nofollow links. Some webmasters claim that there is no need to create such links, while others argue that the value of dofollow backlinks can be underestimated. To my mind, there is no clear answer to this question as their value can depend. These inbound links do not contribute as standalone pieces. For example, if we start a website and enrich it with the number of quality PR “nofollow” links. As a result, you will not observe a sudden rise in traffic statistics. I suppose that Google does a good job of understanding “nofollow” link in the regard. 

However, it is worth to mention some areas where nofollow links have a great impact on site rankings and overall website authority. These areas include over-optimized websites, backlink profiles that include “nofollow” links and when anchor texts are over-optimized. All the following areas have strange backlink profiles. It can be caused by a number of different reasons such as spammy activities or affiliate programs. 

I have used nofollow backlinks in my practice, trying to get them from high-quality web sources in the form of blog comments, links, editorial placements and other link building techniques. As a result, I achieved good quality links with a tag “rel=nofollow.” These links brought more than 100% increase in keyword rankings. 

That is why I can say that nofollow backlinks can bring value to your site. However, it matters how they have been obtained. Quality organic nofollow backlinks perfectly work for balancing out ratios of over-optimized links. 

Does the quality matter?

If you had asked me this question just after the last Google Penguin update, I would have looked at you funny as in that time everybody only looked for the quality inbound links. However, with a passage of time, the emphasis has been changed. Nowadays, numerous websites are outpacing other web sources even though they have fewer quality links and just have countless spammy links from referring pages. That is why sites with multiple backlinks may have the edge over other with few quality inbound links. In the previous years, we have seen a massive correlation with the number of backlinks, not just the quality of them, affecting the biggest market niche players in the TOP positions.

Moreover, it may sound strange, but still, having a lot of links from the same domain can help you, and Google even does favor it. You do not risk to get penalties and even can benefit from it. Moreover, the total number of external backlinks may contribute your SEO efforts as it is a large correlating ranking factor. Webmasters also call this link building phenomena “link velocity.”  

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