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Can I get high PR backlinks from link selling companies?

Today it may appear to be a scary for many SEOs and professional web developers when it comes to a rather common discussion about quality backlinks and the search optimization. Why? Because too often the task to get high PR backlinks without harming the website or blog is a definitely challenging task. Most commonly, the main goal of SEO is to increase CTR rate, boost traffic, as well as elevate conversions of the website. And if you want to get high PR backlinks from link selling companies - there are a lot of these guys pushing their “services” across the Web - here are just some cold facts about paid link building. The thing is that Google can occasionally detect any suspicious activities occurring with your website or blog (i.e., massive spawn of low-quality paid backlinks, using hidden anchors, spammy content, and any other means or tricky schemes of badass Black-Hat and Grey-Hat SEO). Considering the worst-case scenario when you get high PR backlinks from too unscrupulous providers (i.e., low-quality directories, automated forum subscriptions, link farms and link wheels - a.k.a. link exchanges) - everything might as well end up with destruction. I mean your website can be banned from the online search once and forever. So, considering such a severe risk below comes everything you should know about paid backlinks, the main types of ranking penalties and how to avoid them best, at least the most frequently occurring ones.


Main Types of Ranking Penalties

Before anything else, let’s face it - some ranking penalties can cripple only part of your web traffic, and the rest of them are usually imposed on a site-wide basis. Considering the most standard violations with buying or selling backlinks, there are three different types of ranking penalties - partial match, site-wide penalty, and complete elimination.

  • Partial Match - stands for a manual penalty driving the website or blog down the search results. It often happens when Google detects a strange activity of definitely spammy nature, commonly related to manipulating with too many keywords and keyphrases - just to pump more traffic, and without delivering any real value with page content.

  • Site-Wide Penalty - that would be a very serious impact with rather severe consequences. With a potential ability to cut up to half of your web traffic, this type of ranking penalty is commonly applied when it comes to using Grey-Hat backlinks, for example with hidden anchors, purely irrelevant or even not fully legal junk content like pharmacy, adultery or gambling. If you’re dealing with a low-quality link seller promising to get high PR backlinks to your website - almost in no time - it’s time to get alarmed. As you’re probably going to raise a red flag with Google and apply for a penalty.
  • Complete Elimination - speaks for itself.I mean that going for exploitative backlink trading can easily make thing even worse. I mean the most unfortunate course of events when your website or blog gets suspected of a heavy abuse with those unethical link building tricks or trading schemes - and simply gets excluded from the search index. Most commonly, such an unhappy outcome is looming both over low-quality link selling “companies”, and their desperate “clients”.
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