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Can I get high PR backlinks from link selling companies?

Today it may appear to be a scary for many SEOs and professional web developers when it comes to a rather common discussion about quality backlinks and the search optimization. Why? Because too often the task to get high PR backlinks without harming the website or blog is a definitely challenging task. Most commonly, the main goal of SEO is to increase CTR rate, boost traffic, as well as elevate conversions of the website. And if you want to get high PR backlinks from link selling companies - there are a lot of these guys pushing their “services” across the Web - here are just some cold facts about paid link building. The thing is that Google can occasionally detect any suspicious activities occurring with your website or blog (i.e., massive spawn of low-quality paid backlinks, using hidden anchors, spammy content, and any other means or tricky schemes of badass Black-Hat and Grey-Hat SEO). Considering the worst-case scenario when you get high PR backlinks from too unscrupulous providers (i.e., low-quality directories, automated forum subscriptions, link farms and link wheels - a.k.a. link exchanges) - everything might as well end up with destruction. I mean your website can be banned from the online search once and forever. So, considering such a severe risk below comes everything you should know about paid backlinks, the main types of ranking penalties and how to avoid them best, at least the most frequently occurring ones.


Main Types of Ranking Penalties

Before anything else, let’s face it - some ranking penalties can cripple only part of your web traffic, and the rest of them are usually imposed on a site-wide basis. Considering the most standard violations with buying or selling backlinks, there are three different types of ranking penalties - partial match, site-wide penalty, and complete elimination.

  • Partial Match - stands for a manual penalty driving the website or blog down the search results. It often happens when Google detects a strange activity of definitely spammy nature, commonly related to manipulating with too many keywords and keyphrases - just to pump more traffic, and without delivering any real value with page content.

  • Site-Wide Penalty - that would be a very serious impact with rather severe consequences. With a potential ability to cut up to half of your web traffic, this type of ranking penalty is commonly applied when it comes to using Grey-Hat backlinks, for example with hidden anchors, purely irrelevant or even not fully legal junk content like pharmacy, adultery or gambling. If you’re dealing with a low-quality link seller promising to get high PR backlinks to your website - almost in no time - it’s time to get alarmed. As you’re probably going to raise a red flag with Google and apply for a penalty.
  • Complete Elimination - speaks for itself.I mean that going for exploitative backlink trading can easily make thing even worse. I mean the most unfortunate course of events when your website or blog gets suspected of a heavy abuse with those unethical link building tricks or trading schemes - and simply gets excluded from the search index. Most commonly, such an unhappy outcome is looming both over low-quality link selling “companies”, and their desperate “clients”.
Igor Gamanenko
Thank you all for reading my article on high PR backlinks. I'm interested to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic.
Molly Thompson
I think link sellers can be quite risky. You never know the quality of the sites they are selling links from, and Google is getting smarter at identifying paid links.
Igor Gamanenko
That's a valid concern, Molly. Quality of the sites is indeed important. However, not all link sellers are alike. Some can provide valuable links from reputable sites with high PR.
Ethan Roberts
I've had a bad experience with link sellers in the past. Not only did the links hurt my site's ranking, but I also had to go through the trouble of disavowing them.
Igor Gamanenko
Sorry to hear about your negative experience, Ethan. It's true that some link sellers engage in unethical practices. However, ethical link sellers can provide valuable links that can positively impact your site's rankings.
Olivia Ramirez
I avoid link sellers altogether. It's better to focus on creating high-quality content and earning natural backlinks.
Igor Gamanenko
You bring up a good point, Olivia. Natural backlinks are the best kind. However, in some competitive industries, it can be challenging to acquire enough backlinks solely through content creation.
Aaron Foster
I believe building genuine relationships with other website owners and bloggers in your niche can lead to more authentic and effective backlink opportunities.
Igor Gamanenko
Absolutely, Aaron. Building relationships and networking within your niche is a great way to acquire high-quality backlinks. It requires effort, but the results are often worth it.
Sophia Patterson
I've heard that social media can also play a role in obtaining backlinks. Is that true?
Igor Gamanenko
Yes, Sophia. Social media can indirectly contribute to backlink acquisition. By sharing and promoting your content on social platforms, you can increase its visibility and attract potential link opportunities.
Connor Evans
I'd rather focus on creating valuable content rather than spending resources on purchasing backlinks.
Igor Gamanenko
Content creation should remain a priority, Connor. Valuable content naturally attracts backlinks. However, in some cases, strategic backlink acquisition can enhance your overall SEO efforts.
Julia Garcia
I think it's important to diversify your backlink profile. Relying solely on purchased backlinks can be risky, but if you combine them with natural and earned links, it can be more effective.
Igor Gamanenko
You've highlighted a crucial point, Julia. Diversification is key in building a strong backlink profile. A combination of purchased, natural, and earned links can provide a well-rounded SEO strategy.
Henry Martinez
Does the concept of High PR backlinks still hold the same value in today's SEO landscape?
Igor Gamanenko
Good question, Henry. While PageRank is no longer publicly visible, the authority and relevance of a linking page still matter. High-quality backlinks from authoritative sites can positively impact your SEO efforts.
Lily Watson
I've seen some sites mention that they have 'High PR backlinks' for sale, but it's difficult to verify the accuracy of their claims. How can we know if they're genuine?
Igor Gamanenko
Verifying the authenticity of claimed High PR backlinks can be challenging, Lily. It's crucial to research the seller, check the reputation and history of the sites they offer links from, and assess if they align with your site's niche and quality standards.
Emily Walker
I've tried both purchased and natural backlinks. While purchased links provided a quick boost, the natural ones had more long-lasting effects on my site's ranking.
Igor Gamanenko
Thanks, Emily, for sharing your experience. Indeed, natural backlinks are often more sustainable and valuable for long-term SEO success.
Alex Thompson
I think it comes down to balancing different strategies. Purchased backlinks can have a place in an overall SEO plan, as long as they are from reputable sources and supplemented with natural links.
Igor Gamanenko
You've captured the essence, Alex. A balanced approach is key. Strategic use of purchased backlinks, in conjunction with natural links, can enhance your SEO efforts without compromising long-term success.
Sarah Lewis
I think it's crucial to stay updated with Google's guidelines and algorithms. This helps in understanding the risks and benefits associated with various backlink strategies.
Igor Gamanenko
Absolutely, Sarah. The SEO landscape is ever-changing, and staying informed about Google's guidelines helps in making informed decisions regarding backlink strategies.
William Jackson
I've heard rumors that Google is penalizing sites for purchasing backlinks. Is there any truth to that?
Nora Sullivan
I have a small blog, and I'm not sure if I should bother with purchased backlinks. What's your advice for small website owners?
Igor Gamanenko
Great question, Nora. Small website owners can still benefit from strategic backlink acquisition, but it's essential to start by creating valuable content and gradually build relationships within their niche. Focus on growing organically.
Daniel Rivera
Are there any ethical ways to buy backlinks? I'm hesitant due to all the scam stories out there.
Igor Gamanenko
Definitely, Daniel. Ethical backlink buying involves researching reputable link sellers, ensuring the links come from quality sites related to your niche, and avoiding any manipulative tactics. Transparency and quality are key.
Sophie Turner
I think it's important to focus on relevance when purchasing backlinks. A high PR link is meaningless if it's not relevant to your site's content.
Igor Gamanenko
You're absolutely right, Sophie. Relevance is crucial when acquiring backlinks. Links from relevant sites not only help with rankings but also bring in targeted traffic.
Luke Mitchell
What are some alternatives to backlink purchasing?
Igor Gamanenko
Good question, Luke. Alternatives to purchasing backlinks include content outreach, guest posting, influencer collaborations, social media promotion, and building relationships within your industry for natural linking opportunities.
Lucy Thompson
I'm a small business owner, and I don't have the budget for paid backlinks. How can I improve my site's ranking without them?
Igor Gamanenko
Great question, Lucy. Focus on creating high-quality content that adds value to your audience. Leverage social media, engage with your community, collaborate with influencers, and build relationships. Authenticity and quality can go a long way.
Liam Stewart
How can I identify if a site has a high PR? Is there a tool for that?
Igor Gamanenko
There used to be tools available, Liam, but after Google stopped publicly displaying PageRank, the accuracy of such tools has become questionable. Nowadays, it's better to focus on factors like authority, relevance, and reputation of the site instead of relying solely on PR.
Chloe Baker
I've heard that building a strong internal linking structure can also improve SEO. Is that true?
Igor Gamanenko
Absolutely, Chloe. Internal linking plays a significant role in SEO. It helps search engines understand the structure and hierarchy of your website, distributes authority and relevance across pages, and improves user navigation.
Sebastian Hill
Are there any specific guidelines for buying backlinks safely?
Igor Gamanenko
There are some guidelines to follow, Sebastian. Research the link seller's reputation, evaluate the quality and relevance of the sites they offer links from, ensure the links will be placed naturally within the content, and avoid any manipulative practices.
Leah Roberts
I believe focusing on user experience and providing valuable content will naturally attract backlinks. It's all about creating a positive online presence.
Igor Gamanenko
You're absolutely right, Leah. Prioritizing user experience and valuable content not only attracts backlinks but also helps in building a strong and trustworthy online presence.
Maxwell Nelson
Is it possible to remove purchased backlinks if they turn out to be harmful?
Igor Gamanenko
If you discover harmful purchased backlinks, Maxwell, you can try reaching out to the website owner and requesting removal. If that doesn't work, you can use Google's Disavow Tool to disavow those links and signal to Google not to consider them while evaluating your site's rankings.
Ruby Hill
I'm concerned about the long-term consequences of purchased backlinks. Can they harm my site's rankings in the future?
Igor Gamanenko
It's true that purchasing low-quality or spammy backlinks can harm your site's rankings, Ruby. That's why it's crucial to choose ethical link sellers and focus on acquiring high-quality links from reputable sources.
Landon Cooper
I think it's important to have a well-rounded SEO strategy that includes various aspects like content, keywords, on-page optimization, and high-quality backlinks.
Igor Gamanenko
You've highlighted key aspects, Landon. A holistic SEO strategy that encompasses content, keywords, on-page optimization, and high-quality backlinks can greatly contribute to improved search engine rankings.
Anna Wright
How can I differentiate between ethical and unethical link sellers?
Igor Gamanenko
Differentiating between ethical and unethical link sellers requires thorough research, Anna. Check their reputation, ask for examples of previous work, assess their link sources, and ensure that their practices align with Google's guidelines.
Emma Patterson
Are there any warning signs to look out for when dealing with link sellers?
Igor Gamanenko
There are some red flags to watch for, Emma. Avoid link sellers who guarantee specific rankings, offer links from irrelevant sites, practice spammy outreach, have a shady reputation, or engage in any manipulative tactics.
Lucas Anderson
Can purchased backlinks really boost my site's authority and rankings?
Igor Gamanenko
Purchased backlinks, if obtained from high-quality and relevant sources, can contribute to your site's authority and rankings, Lucas. However, remember that a well-rounded SEO strategy should include other aspects as well.
Isabella Scott
I've heard that link sellers often violate Google's guidelines. Is it worth the risk?
Igor Gamanenko
Unethical link sellers may indeed violate Google's guidelines and put your site at risk, Isabella. That's why it's crucial to choose reputable and ethical sellers who follow best practices and provide high-quality links.
Tommy Campbell
I think it's safer to focus on natural link building methods rather than purchasing backlinks. It takes time, but it's worth it.
Igor Gamanenko
Natural link building is indeed safer and more valuable in the long run, Tommy. However, in some situations, strategic and ethical backlink acquisition can complement your efforts.
Emilia Sanchez
If I choose to purchase backlinks, how many should I buy? Is there an optimal number?
Igor Gamanenko
The number of backlinks you should purchase, Emilia, depends on various factors such as your site's current authority, competition level, and budget. It's important to take a strategic approach and focus on quality rather than quantity.
Adam White
How can I assess the quality of a backlink before purchasing it?
Igor Gamanenko
Assessing the quality of a backlink requires research, Adam. Look at the reputation and authority of the linking site, evaluate its relevance to your niche, check if it has organic traffic, and see if it has a clean backlink profile.
Brooklyn Phillips
Would you recommend targeting specific anchor texts when purchasing backlinks?
Igor Gamanenko
Targeting specific anchor texts can be beneficial, Brooklyn. However, it's important to maintain a natural and diverse anchor text profile to avoid any red flags or penalties from search engines.
Christina Bailey
Has the effectiveness of purchased backlinks changed over the years? Or does it still deliver positive results?
Igor Gamanenko
The effectiveness of purchased backlinks has evolved over the years, Christina. While low-quality links may not provide significant benefits, high-quality and relevant links still deliver positive results when used strategically within a comprehensive SEO plan.
James Murphy
I've heard that purchasing backlinks is a black hat SEO technique. Is that true?
Igor Gamanenko
Purchasing backlinks itself is not necessarily a black hat technique, James. It becomes black hat when it involves manipulative practices or violates search engine guidelines. Ethical and transparent backlink acquisition falls within the white hat area.
Hannah Turner
Would you say purchased backlinks are more suitable for established websites rather than new ones?
Igor Gamanenko
Purchased backlinks can benefit both established and new websites, Hannah. However, new websites often benefit more from focusing on creating valuable content and building a foundation through natural backlinks and audience engagement before considering purchased links.
Aaron Rivera
I think it's important to have a diverse link profile. Relying solely on purchased backlinks may make it look unnatural to search engines.
Igor Gamanenko
You're absolutely right, Aaron. A diverse link profile that includes natural, earned, and strategically purchased backlinks appears more natural to search engines and strengthens your website's overall SEO performance.
Oliver Bell
Can I purchase backlinks for specific pages on my website, or should I focus on the entire domain?
Igor Gamanenko
Both options are possible, Oliver. You can purchase backlinks for specific pages to boost their rankings or focus on acquiring backlinks for your entire domain to enhance its overall authority. It depends on your specific goals.
Sophie Wilson
Are there any industry-specific considerations when purchasing backlinks?
Igor Gamanenko
Yes, Sophie. Industry-specific considerations are important when purchasing backlinks. Make sure the sites offering backlinks are relevant to your industry, have a positive reputation, and align with your niche's standards and quality.
Liam Allen
I've heard that natural backlinks are more likely to drive referral traffic. Can purchased backlinks also bring relevant traffic?
Igor Gamanenko
Natural backlinks do have a higher chance of driving referral traffic, Liam. However, purchased backlinks from relevant and reputable sources can also bring in relevant traffic, especially when they're placed within valuable content and target the right audience.
Emily Evans
Do search engines treat all purchased backlinks the same way or do they differentiate based on quality?
Igor Gamanenko
Search engines differentiate between purchased backlinks based on their quality, Emily. High-quality, authoritative, and relevant backlinks are given more weight, while low-quality or spammy backlinks may even lead to penalties.
Sebastian Garcia
What should I consider when pricing purchased backlinks? Are higher-priced ones always better?
Igor Gamanenko
Price is not the only factor to consider, Sebastian. Higher-priced backlinks may indicate higher quality, but it's essential to evaluate the relevance, authority, and overall value the backlink can bring to your website before making a decision.
Olivia Hughes
I'm concerned about the potential penalties from search engines. Is purchasing backlinks worth the risk?
Igor Gamanenko
It's understandable, Olivia. Purchasing low-quality or manipulative backlinks can indeed result in penalties. However, when done ethically and strategically, the risk can be minimized and the benefits can outweigh the potential pitfalls.
Landon Cook
Are there any specific industries where purchased backlinks are more commonly used?
Sophia Brooks
I'm concerned that purchased backlinks might negatively impact my site's reputation. Is there a way to prevent that?
Igor Gamanenko
It's wise to be cautious, Sophia. To prevent any negative impact, choose reputable link sellers and ensure the backlinks come from high-quality sites that are relevant to your niche. This will minimize the risk to your site's reputation.
Emma Foster
What's the role of anchor text diversity when purchasing backlinks? Should I aim for a specific ratio?
Igor Gamanenko
Anchor text diversity is important, Emma. Aim for a natural and diverse anchor text ratio that includes a mix of branded, generic, and keyword-rich variations. This helps create an organic backlink profile that search engines view favorably.
Jacob Wright
Has the value of backlinks decreased with the rise of other ranking factors?
Igor Gamanenko
While other ranking factors have gained importance, backlinks remain a significant factor for search engine rankings, Jacob. They provide signals of authority, relevance, and trust to search engines, helping to determine a site's positioning in the SERPs.
Ethan Perez
How can I ensure that the purchased backlinks I acquire will be indexed by search engines?
Igor Gamanenko
To increase the chances of search engine indexing, Ethan, ensure that the backlinks come from crawlable sites with no restrictions, and that they are placed naturally within quality content. It's also important to have a well-structured website that search engines can easily navigate.
Amelia Mitchell
Is there a specific ratio of follow vs. nofollow links that I should aim for when purchasing backlinks?
Igor Gamanenko
The ratio of follow to nofollow links should resemble a natural backlink profile, Amelia. Aim for a mix, as a completely follow or nofollow profile can raise red flags. It's important to have a balance that aligns with the way natural backlinks occur.
Igor Gamanenko
Thank you all for your active participation and great questions. I appreciate the insightful discussion on the topic of purchased backlinks and their role in SEO. Stay informed, be ethical, and pursue a well-rounded approach to achieve sustainable results. Feel free to reach out if you have any further queries!
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