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Can you tell me about top backlinks and featured sites list to link with?

Let’s face it - having a great page content for your website or blog to make it well-known and frequently mentioned on the other famous sources with high PageRank is a great way to earning those deserved backlinks for SEO. That way, you can not only please your target audience but grow a stronger authority and brand name of your business - all in one. Well, below I’m going to help you figure out more about top backlinks and sites list featured in organic link building. 

Quantity VS. Quality

When it comes to handling SEO the right way, only organic link building strategies will do for your website. Unless you want to harm your website’s or blog’s progress in SEO at scale, as well as your current web traffic, and search ranking positions in a longer run. Working hard to get top backlinks from sites list with high PR and high authority, make sure to avoid using any automated tools and paid link building or exchange services. The thing is that most of them are using spammed, completely irrelevant sources or even filthy places to link you with. In fact, they are mainly dealing with actually immoral things, such as gambling, adultery and unlicensed pharmacy. That way, most of those tricky link building services can’t do anything about organic SEO at all. In fact, they often prove capable of just supplying your website or blog with tons of low-quality automated links coming in bulk from the similarly wrong sources, instead of giving you some top quality backlinks from sites list with a trusted authority.

Build Industry or Niche-Relevant Relations

One of the best ways to getting high authority backlinks and pumping a lot of web traffic to your website or blog is building healthy relationships with the other reputable sources with high authority that are relevant to your business industry or market niche. That way, you will get access to editorial backlinks, which are probably the most valuable and powerful than any other top backlinks and sites lists to make outreach for link building purpose. Also, you might as well consider interviewing a trusted industry influencer or those extremely popular bloggers. Of course, given that you are willing and ready to pay enough time and effort for “earning” that deserved backlinks naturally. And remember about contextual backlinks - ultimately, they can be even more valuable than editorial ones - and can be “earned” with a shred of your specially tailored content, such as quality articles or highly demanded guest posts.

Locate Top Backlinks and Sites List To Start With

No need to say that there is a rich variety of social media used by many brands and businesses for building their authority and grabbing some powerful backlinks at the same time. But I personally recommend shaping your online presence mainly on Google Plus, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Doing so, don’t forget to consider local business directories and industry-related listings to fill in all your contact data for receiving a valuable backlink in return. At last, you’d better start with completing your Google My Business page, and simply proceed with browsing to find the rest of main directories, citations and business listings relevant to your subject discussion or market niche.

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