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Is it possible to obtain quality backlinks from high PR sites?

When creating links for your site, you need to pay special attention to the sources you select for this purpose. The biggest amount of webmasters and senior SEO specialists claim that the most powerful backlinks that transfer valuable link juice come from high PR websites, such as Google, YouTube, Wikipedia or Facebook. 

We are going to start this article with an assumption that you already have a business account on Facebook and a website or at least landing page for your company. 

So, as practice shows, everything you need to generate a lot of quality traffic around your site is to create a correctly configured content using relevant search terms and build dofollow backlinks from high PR websites.   

High PR sites to get quality backlinks

It is a painful task to get quality backlinks from high authority domains especially if you recently launched your site. However, you should not give up as there a lot of tricky organic link building techniques that will help you to get to the TOP of search engines within a short period.  

  • High PR backlinks from YouTube

YouTube is a popular media platform owned by Google. The domain authority score of this web source is 10 out of 10. You can get the high-quality backlinks from this source, uploading your video there. Everything you need is to create a detailed video about your products or industry in general and upload this video on the web.  After that, you need to craft an engaging video description, including your site URL in it. 

  • High PR backlinks from Wikipedia

Wiki is one of the biggest online encyclopedia created with the help of volunteers. This web source is distinguished by its authority and relevance. That is why it has the highest rank on Google by the numerous different queries Authority score of Wikipedia is also 10 out of 10. It is a perfect source for increasing credibility and authority of any domain whether it is a new one or long existed. There are many ways to get high PR backlinks from this valuable source. However, when it comes to manual verification, the things become more complicated. Before publishing any post, real people check and approve it. That is why your backlinks may be removed during the process of manual verification. 

However, there several useful techniques that will help you to get powerful backlinks from Wikipedia despite any restrictions:

  1. Create a new page on Wiki, by do not publish anything on it. For some period this page will be at the draft stage. 
  1. Then select the Wiki page by some of the less popular queries and paste your site link over there. It is impossible to verify all pages, that is why Wikipedia volunteers merely ignore the informative queries which are not popular. 
  1. Your link will appear in the list of reference sources.  

It is worth to mention that Wikipedia backlinks are no-follow links. That is why links from this source won’t bring you traffic. However, to increase the credibility and authority of your web source, it is advisable to get backlinks from high PR sites like Wikipedia. 

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