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Can you help me with top SEO strategy to best backlinks in 2016?

What’s the right approach to best backlinks in 2016, particularly from the viewpoint of SEO? I believe that currently, the best way to efficient link building is acting discreetly to keep everything well grounded and fully controllable. Many SEOs and expert webmasters believe that having recurrent checkups to exclude all outdated and link building strategies would be the key to driving SEO best way possible with backlinks in 2016. I mean that there’s no universal strategy in the Search Engine Optimization with 100% guaranteed and anyhow predictable results to be reasonably expected for your search ranking positions in longer run. 

Avoid Common Missteps

Well, the only thing we can do - I should admit - is to steer clear from using any untested and not fully reliable methods of link building. I mean you must always think twice before applying even to all those recently emerged trendy tricks in SEO, no matter how promising they may look at first glance. So, you’d better forget about such “innovations,” of course, unless you’re acting proactively and have already got a clear understanding - exactly what you are going to do and for what particular purpose. Nevertheless, I believe that nearly anyone can enjoy a proven result in building a strong link profile for the website or blog. I mean there are several old-school and use-proven ways to best backlinks in 2016, even without hiring a team of truly experienced SEOs or apt webmasters rolling in the industry for years. Below I’m going to have a brief overview of my top-featured practices and clear vision where to start building quality links to improve your SEO at scale.

Categorize Your Link Profile

Let’s take it for granted - all inbound links can be divided into “two” layers. Put simply, everything usually depends on their sources and the most appropriate time to start building them without looking suspicious from the viewpoint of the major search engines like Google itself. Feel assured against the most frequent pitfalls and penalties that can suddenly drop your rankings - nearly in no time. To be on the safe side, you should follow the right course of actions from the very beginning. That way, I recommend categorizing your link building opportunities, as follows:

Tier 1 Links

  1. Top relevant articles on Wiki.
  2. Local directory submissions.
  3. Industry-related business listings.
  4. Featured article directories to link back to your website or blog (I recommend the following ones to try first and foremost -,, or

Tier 2 Links

  1. Building social media presence with launching business profiles on the most crowded platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. (Hint: you can try using FanPageRobot, a handy tool to post your links on those popular social media in a nearly self-driven manner.
  2. Guest blog posting to earn a backlink in return).
  3. Commenting on niche-relevant blogs.
  4. Getting involved in hot discussions on industry-related blogs, forums, and websites for Questions & Answer. (Hint: before anything else, I recommend trying building backlinks from Quora and LinkedIn Answers).
  5. Video marketing on YouTube the world’s second visited website should never be underestimated as well. Don’t hesitate to launch your video channel and run an extremely efficient online marketing with brand name promotion, in line with grabbing a lot of valuable links at the same time. (Hint: you can have a couple instantly created links - just filling in the main sections in your profile available for dropping backlinks with your website or blog by default).

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