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Is it possible to get dofollow backlinks with free HQ list?

This article is designed to show webmasters the easiest ways to build high quality do follow backlinks. There are old tricks, but there are still works like magic for every website owners who want to create high authority dofollow backlinks to obtain more relevant and targeted traffic. Let us start with some basic theory about link building.

What are the backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks are the links that point to your site from other web sources through different channels. The more other authoritative blogs are mentioning or following your site URL, the more quality it will give to your site. Backlinks serve as an SEO ranking factor from which you can rank your any targeted search term quickly if you build some high or at least medium quality backlinks. Incoming links have two subcategories - dofollow and nofollow backlinks. It is significant to understand the difference between these two categories to build a winning link building campaign. 

  • Dofollow backlinks

Dofollow backlinks are those that give your site URL link with a particular tag, f.e. (rel=”dofollow”) or with the simple link also means dofollow backlink. This kind of backlinks possesses certain value to a linked out web source transferring all traffic that comes through it to web pages. 

  • Nofollow backlinks

Nofollow backlinks are those that give your web source URL link with no- following tag, f.e. (rel=”no-follow”). It is significant to insert rel tag if you do not want to follow someone link. 

Now, when you know the difference of dofollow and nofollow links, it is time to discuss the best opportunities to create a dofollow backlinks list. 

Ways to create a dofollow backlinks list

There are some practical and free ways to make bundles of incoming links and improve your site page rank. 

  • Facebook

It is an efficient method of building links that you cannot ignore. Facebook is a PR9 (almost the highest one) site that can help your site obtain more authority from Google. 

To obtain backlinks on Facebook, you need to add static HTML to a page. It helps to create great custom iframe tabs. By doing so, you will open a page tab in which you need to select your Facebook page. After that, you will need to click on Setup Tab and redirect your static HTML app by following index.html section. Here you need to add HTML code, inserting there your site relevant URL. To finish this process, you need to click on Save and Publish button. So now you have an appropriate dofollow backlink from one of the most popular social media platform. 

  • YouTube

As a rule, YouTube gives nofollow backlinks. However, there are still some cases that will help you to reach your dofollow backlinks list with one more high PR incoming link. You need to find some top ranked YouTube videos which are related to your website content and then give your links in comments that are it.   

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