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How to build good quality backlinks?

In our days, website owners are forced to struggle for the TOP positions on search result page as a percent of competition is very high. To be visible among the numerous niche related sites, you need to create a winning optimization campaign and create a quality link profile. Since the time of the last Google rankings update, it became a little bit tough to build links to your site. Nowadays, Google strictly evaluates the quality of inbound links, prizing only those backlinks that come from authoritative web sources. That is why all forward-looking webmasters should be aware of where to build backlinks to achieve the highest efficiency. In this article, we will discuss the effective techniques to get good quality backlinks and factors that can help you to raise the number of incoming links.

Ways to obtain good quality backlinks

  • Backlinks from reputable web sources

The first and the most significant factor that determines a quality of incoming links is an authority of the sources from which these links are coming. For instance, if you have al least several backlinks from high authority web sources they will bring you more link juice then numerous inbound links from low-quality websites. It can be explained by Google awareness of the quality of content or outbound links from such reputable sites. Besides, two Google ranking factors determine a quality of web sources - Page Authority and Domain Authority. If a web source has a high PA and DA metrics, Google will rank it higher on SERP, giving it more trust. If your inbound links appear on this kind of sites, they will bring a lot of quality link juice to your web pages. To check whether your links place on authoritative web sources or not, you can implement Semalt Web Analyzer tool. 

  • Backlinks from high PR pages

PageRank (PR) serves as a benchmark for evaluating each website’s ranking on search engines which are indicated by Google. Sites that rank on the TOP have at least 9PR and possess a lot of quality for users. Since 2012 PageRank is not so influential as it was beforehand, but still serves as a standard for assessing a quality of web source and its reputation in the eyes of users and industry partners. By default, backlinks from 9 or 10PR websites such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, and so on, can bring a lot of quality link juice to your site pages. However, it is not always easy to obtain incoming links from this kind of web sources. However, there are some tricky techniques you can implement (you can read about them in our previous article “How To Obtain The List Of Dofollow Backlinks For Free?”). I recommend you not wasting your time on trying to create links on the new N/A PR websites or not relevant to your niche low PR sites. You will not get any positive results from it and even raise Google wariness toward your domain. 

  • Backlinks from the same content pages

If you cannot build your links on high PR websites, you need at least create it on the niche related sites with the same content topic. For instance, if your blog is about search engine optimization, your links on marketing blogs will look natural. Even if a blog has middle authority, your backlinks will be evaluated as relevant and quality. That is why before establishing partner relationships with other websites or blogs, make sure they at least slightly refer to your industry. 

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