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How did you get backlinks to your website?

Let’s face it - starting to build backlinks to your website is a tough stop. It won’t be an easy task, but if you are willing and ready to work consistently - it’s quite achievable after all. Let me show you some of the most effective ways to build backlinks to your website. Let's consider my formerly brand-new website. To burst it onto the scene, I had to take some simple steps, such as investing some time in a valuable gift to my audience, spying on competitors for my own benefit, and working on forum links (yes, they can actually bear a certain measurable value). Below I’m going to have a brief discussion about every possible option.

backlinks to your website

Offer Valuable Gift to Your Audience

First and foremost, don’t hesitate to invest some time and effort in delivering some useful gifts to your target audience. I mean that when it comes to earning the initial backlinks to your website, there is only one challenging thing commonly faced by nearly every new online project - nobody knows them on the Web. So, you will need to offer something really beneficial for people to set the initial flow of visits, subscriptions, shares, and leads. Among the best ways to complete the task are the following: creating a photo gallery relevant to your subject, running original data research or analysis (e.g., useful blog posts, tutorials, user guidelines, case studies, etc.) If you are skilled enough, you might as well try creating a free online tool to instantly get tons of web traffic, as well as organic quality backlinks to your website.

Spy on Close Competitors for Your Advantage

Apparently, it would be great to study your more successful competitors to learn much from their best achievements and worst missteps. After all, who said that spying on the top opponents in your target niche should be immoral? So, never hesitate to grab some extra backlinks to your website with the following simple actions: search for your closest opponents, detect their best backlinks, and try to replicate their most recent ones. To complete the task, I recommend using backlink analysis tools like Majestic, Ahrefs, Semalt Analyzer or any other free frameworks - after all, it’s only up to you to decide.

Work on Forum Links

Did you know that forum links not only can but DO have value? Of course, given that we are going to make the right use of them. Before anything else, let’s face it - most commonly, signature, profile, and the rest of standard forum links aren’t likely to have any real value at all. But what if you try getting backlinks to your website with the most discussed topics on a popular, crowded forum? I mean you are always free to include a link to your content - just placing it on the first line to be followed by the rest of your forum post. Of course, I mean not only dropping a link just to say something like “visit my website to get more info.” Simply because every good forum should always own rules to make the post that works.

website backlinks

After all, your topic discussions must be as smart and valuable as possible, in order to get on the top and give quality backlinks to your website. At last, remember that these forum links wouldn’t be the most powerful ones, mainly from the viewpoint of SEO. Nevertheless, having several more or less active forum links usually helps to build a relatively strong foundation for a website, particularly when it’s new.

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