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How to get quality backlinks to my website?

Nowadays, It’s even more important to know how to get quality backlinks than ever before. In fact, quality link building is a vital component of practically any website’s search ranking progress. Besides, it is often considered a core aspect of the lion’s share of digital marketing strategies. So, let me show you how to get quality backlinks - there are four simple actions to complete the task without any risk to break Google’s guidelines and earn a ranking penalty. Here they are: setting relations with high authority pages, maintaining relevancy and using well-known words and associations, building connections with popular industry-related sites, and providing valuable content to welcome sharing.

how to get quality backlinks

Setting Relations with High Authority Pages

No need to say that the highest PR (Page Rank) websites are commonly hard to get. At the same time, too many people are focusing their efforts only on the most upper PR pages to get linked with. That way, the rest of promising websites still having enough domain authority can often be neglected. So, why not to use this opportunity to stay out of the competition, right? Here is how to get quality backlinks there - just don’t worry if the web page you to link with has insufficient PR. I mean all you need is to make sure there is a DoFollow connection from any high authority pages, on the same website with your own backlink.

Using Well-Known Words and Associations

Big business brands are always carrying bigger weight, aren’t they? I mean that using some famous words to associate with your own business would be a great idea - just to increase the weight of your own backlinks. Here is a simple example how it works - last year I used to benefit from dropping one single word “Duracell” to make a co-citation for my e-commerce store offering torches and some other accessories for sale. In the end, I’ve got a backlink like “Try the best waterproof torches and lasting Duracell batteries coming with each.” After all, I was really surprised to stay among top three Google’s search results for a month or so.

Building Connections with Industry-Related Sites

Another good way how to get quality backlinks is building friendly relations with some popular websites related to your business industry. First of all, there are a plenty of websites always willing to give you a profile with DoFollow links. I mean I’ve often seen really insane results when people used to create a combo by following others and getting a funnel link. That way, such profile can draw page ranks from many different sources for definitely stronger mutual benefits.

quality backlinks

Providing Valuable Content to Welcome Sharing

What can be more benefiting than having a permanent backlink that can travel elsewhere in a self-driven manner? This opportunity can be realized with a valuable content useful for people. It should encourage sharing on the other relevant web pages, as well as personal blogs, and profiles on social media. All you need here is to remember that your backlinks should be placed not only in the body of your quality posts but your website’s link section as well. That way, feel free to invite and share your content with more people on social media, the other interested websites, as well as your friends and colleagues. At last, you might as well try yourself in guest blogging. Most commonly, it pays off very well.

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