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What's the best place to buy backlinks for my new website?

If you’re still wondering where is the best place to buy backlinks for your website, you are finally in the right place. Before I list you several use-proven and use-proven sources featured for that, let me show you some bullet points needed to avoid a failure from the very beginning. As apparent as critical, here is what should be done before going out and finding yourself in the best place to buy backlinks:

best place to buy backlinks

  • always make a double check on the most important statistics of the website, make sure everything about its key metrics is in place - starting from DA (domain authority), PA (page authority), to TF (trust flow), as well as CF (citation flow);
  • never skimp on paying the real price, as the lion’s share of too attractive offers like “best deal” or “huge discounts on sale” is hardly possible to be the best place to buy backlinks for your website without getting scammed;
  • don’t hesitate to invest some time in checking the actual reviews from other clients, all you need here is to check everything as thoroughly as you can, never let yourself rush out just to make a quick deal - which can bring your website’s ranking progress to complete devastation with low-quality or spammy backlinks.

So, which is the best place to buy backlinks? For the recent years, I tested a lot of them to make a deal with only reliable ones. Below are three online sources I found the most preferable to deal with:

buy backlinks

  1. Links Management - it’s the best place to buy backlinks without touching their quality, and even on a low budget. Here you can order static permanent backlinks from different websites with PR score from 1 to 8 points. Of course, they argue that everything is placed manually, but if you are still hesitating - feel free to check their actual case studies and success stories.
  2. Post Links - this one has a vast variety of offers available with different authoritative websites and web pages with rather high rankings. You are going to be promised only original and genuine backlinks coming from the real websites with only quality content and no spam. Of course, their pricing may seem quite hefty. Anyway, I can reasonably see Post Links as probably the best place to buy backlinks. Dealing with them, I’ve got the highest quality and the least severe risk that something with my paid links goes wrong.
  3. Fiverr - is among top popular websites crowded with SEO specialists, webmasters, and many online business owners. This huge marketplace can offer you a good variety of backlinks under different price tags commonly starting from just five bucks. But here comes a caution - the thing is that many sellers out there are using not fully legal tools to build backlinks, sometimes even in a self-driven manner. What should be done to avoid Google penalties for paid backlinks? Never take a final decision to purchase considering only top offers possessing high ratings and vast review count - that’s not going to be enough. Always have a triple check when making a deal on Fiverr. At last, let me warn you once again - if you don’t feel like a pro in SEO, or the expert webmaster - you will never identify the safest backlinks for your website. You’d better try those less sophisticated sources I’ve mentioned before.

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