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How do I create quality backlinks driving off-site SEO strategy of my website?

Right, it’s really essential to create organic quality backlinks within off-site SEO strategy to achieve the winning position and stay out of the competition. Ideally, your business is expected to be seen high up on the list of relevant search results (Google’s SERPs). That’s why your website needs them to be handled side by side - both quality backlinks and SEO strategy on the whole. Luckily, I’ve got some insights, and several reasonable considerations scrounged from the expert SEO agencies I used to deal with a couple of months ago. Here they are!

backlinks seo strategy

Focus on Diversity

The critical concept to quality backlinks driving efficient SEO strategy is to create a proper backlink portfolio. I mean everything must look naturally - your set of backlinks should look as diverse and authentic as possible to be rewarded awarded top ranking with Google. Ideally, your backlink profile will range from the highest authority domains (dot EDU websites, top news and trendy media pages, viral blogs, B2B sources, etc.), to industry-related pages, directories, and dot GOV websites.

Maintain Relevancy

The only way to enjoy a well-aligned performance between your backlinks and SEO strategy is to maintain relevancy. Apparently, if your web store deals with electronics or hardware, never ever link your pages from any website or directory, for example about healthcare or rental services. Yes, sometimes many irrelevant sources can look quite attractive with their high page authority, which might as well be found somewhere around 80 points. But maintaining relevancy is a MUST under any circumstances. Otherwise, the search crawlers will be most likely to tell those mismatching yet entirely powerful backlinks for your pathetic attempt to trick with rankings.

Related Solutions

But you can still face the challenge at ease. To get a profile of more relevant and compelling backlinks boosting SEO strategy of your website, I recommend linking from any trendy and trusted blogs, which roll around some popular topics in your industry. That way, let that link be pointing to your website’s landing page expected to offer the right solutions, answers, suggestions, or at least some closely-related considerations. You might as well use a diverse set of various keywords to give your backlinks more weight. I mean you are free to have them in both original (short), and long-tail form. You can also consider using full keyword phrases. Doing so, make sure that the keywords included to your backlinks are coming directly from your web pages, a well as the rest of off-site content.

backlinks strategy

Get Best Anchors

Of course, the best type of anchor texts will be determined by the primary purpose of your website. Note, however, that not all generic anchors will do, of course, unless you are wise enough to shape an advanced landing page. I mean that you’d better consider turning the landing page into your inbound marketing funnel so that your visitors are called for a particular action, such as making a subscription, filling a form, downloading some valuable content, or even instantly take a decision to purchase with you. In conclusion, here are some general considerations about anchor texts suggesting the following properties: exact match, branded attribute, generic look, phrase match, as well as LSI.

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