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How dofollow backlinks may improve my website SEO?

The biggest amount of website owners becomes frustrated when it comes to differentiation of dofollow and nofollow backlinks. Have you ever wondered what is the difference between them and how they can contribute your website search engine optimization? If you do not know the difference in these notions, you probably have a lack of knowledge of the allocation toward link juice. Hope, our short tutorial will remove this uncertainty and help you to a decision toward the “follow” status of every backlink that you have.

dofollow backlinks

The notion of link juice and link strategy

Before we start to talk about the difference between nonfollow and do follow backlinks, let us have a closer look at “link juice” notion and how you may gain it or lose.

When you put a link to another web page, you vote for this page and recommend your followers and reader to check this page for more details. Google cares about user experience that is why it wants you to put link only to reliable and authoritative domains that at least somehow relate to your own business. A high-quality link for website or blog is excellent. The higher quality of a site that links to you, the better result you will obtain. It does not mean that links to lower ranked pages or relatively new domains are worthless. Search engines take a lot of ranking factors into consideration, and among these is the number of backlinks you obtain from  the relevant pages.

Do not use reciprocal linking

The vital link building notion website owners should keep in mind while creating their link building campaign is that the number of links is less significant than their quality. Moreover, if the links that point to your website unconnected with the theme of your page, it will be accepted by Google as rules violation and your site will get penalties. Moreover, you need to avoid publishing partners links to other pages covering the number of different non-related topics. If you are running an SEO blog about quilting, then most likely you get penalties from search engines, unless you use nofollow for all these backlinks.

nofollow backlinks

Dofollow backlinks and nofollow backlinks

If you implement nofollow attribute to a link on your blog or website, Google won’t transfer link juice across this particular link. According to this scheme, users will be able to find content by click on this link, but Google won’t count this backlink as a signal of website authority. Usually, it is not apparent to implement dofollow backlinks attribute if you are happy with Google following the link to the targeted page. If you do not want a link juice passed through your backlink, then you need to implement nonfollow attribute to your links.

There are some particular situations when using nofollow attribute may be useful. The first and the most common situation is when you are being paid for a link. If you don't use nofollow link, in this case, Google may catch you for fraudulent spammy activities and stop indexing your website.  

The same situation is when you are being paid for a blogger to publish a post on your blog. Any backlinks on sponsored posts should have a nofollow attribute. Google regard paid links and links published on sponsored posts as the same quality links. Websites that engage in this activity may get penalties. That is why it is reasonable to use nofollow attribute for them.

Affiliate links also come to the advertising kind of backlinks. They are regarded by search engines as advertorial. That is why you need to make nofollow.

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