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Could you please explain me the notion of directory submission?

Backlink submission is a term which describes a significant optimization process which has a great impact on a website rank. Generally speaking, it is a process of sending your website's link to be visible in various online directories. It is not such a time-consuming process as you think. Everything you need is to create and send a short description with the engaging title that goes with each of your links to the directories. Both your keywords and title should visible for search bots. The primary purpose of it is to get high-quality backlinks that are created for your site. You may get a lot of targeted and quality external links implementing backlink submission method.

backlink submission

How does it work?

Revenant backlinks from reputable sources are necessary for the success of your search engine optimization campaign. However, the question is how to get the quality link juice to your site, obeying search engine guidelines. Link building process cannot be fully controlled by you or SEO specialists who work under your site. Backlinks do begin on another web sources and direct users to your site. However, together with your SEO consultants, you can decide on other particulars about your site.

It is highly recommended to work on your link building project with experienced web developers as they may reap the benefits from the backlinks and bring targeted traffic to your site. It does not mean you won’t have control over your website. You just trust some time-consuming and challenging process to the experts, all other aspects will be under your control.

At the initial stage of your link building campaign, you have to find where you can get the quality backlinks. Some professional online tools may aid you in your search. From the most user-friendly tools, you can use for your link building campaign are Semalt Web Analyzer, Ahrefs, and Moz. Once you have selected an appropriate software for yourself, you need to enter the keyword or phrase for your website. The software will give you various platforms where you can post your articles, comments or blog posts with backlinks which are directed to your site.

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As soon as you get a list of websites where you can put your backlinks, you need to review each web source and put your content with your backlink on the most suitable ones. You need to check how relevant a website for your market niche and which backlinks are placed on it. Avoid sites with low authority that publish illegal or rubbish content on their pages.

Some online tools can provide you with free backlinks. Usually, they offer such opportunities as they need quality content for their domain. So, you may even put your content for free and create warm relationships with your market niche partners helping each other out. To make sure your backlinks will be clickable, create engaging and up-to-date posts that will be interesting to your potential clients.

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