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How many backlinks should point to my site?

The question “How many backlinks should to my site?” is the most commonly asked in a digital sphere. We heard it at least several times per day from our clients. Backlinks you need directly depend on your business goals. The more you want to achieve, the more backlinks to your site you will need. When I am talking about achievements, I mean rankings, targeted keywords, visitor number, percent of conversion and so on. Nowadays, you do not ned tohave thousands of backlinks that point to your site as Google has changed its ranking algorithm, putting quality over quantity. You may have jst several quality backlinks to your site from highly authoritative sources, and it will be enough for search engines to rank your site high on SERP. And otherwise, you may have a countless number of backlinks from low-quality spammy domains that will only hurt your rankings and devastate your SEO efforts.

how to backlink your website

An overall number of backlinks cannot be 100% correct as it may drastically vary from business to business. For instance, local businesses may receive specific rankings push by getting 50 quality backlinks, while the same number of backlinks for big enterprise won’t give any visible result. With 50 quality backlinks, it would be reasonable to expect first page rankings for more than three search terms with average competition level.

To find a correct answer for this question you do not need to set targets. Instead of it, you should naturally and steadily build external links on a consistent basis. You should take this process as something ongoing and stable. As soon as you stop growing your links, you will start losing your authority and rankings. That is why you should continue looking for new opportunities to receive more external links to your site.

In this article, we will discuss some variabilities you need to consider when you are looking for a correct answer on question “How many backlinks should point to my site?”

Which aspects can influence the number of backlinks you need?

  • Competition level

The number of backlinks you will need to rank depends on a competitiveness of your targeted search terms. If your competitors have many backlinks for each of their keywords, then you also need to raise your ranking potential redoubling the number of backlinks. You need to research your market niche and check how many links point to each of the pages which rank high on Google SERP. Conducting this research, ignore websites with the most backlinks and sites with the least backlinks. The average sum should be divided by 8. The final number you will get won’t be precise as you do not know about the quality of these links.

  • Backlinks quality

According to the current Google algorithm, you should not make the primary accent on the number of backlinks as the most significant aspect of link building is the quality of coming link juice. As a rule, one high-quality backlink worth thousands of low-quality backlinks. The best possible variant is to find a golden mean between quality and quantity of external links.

backlinks for website

Backlinks that point to your site should follow specific criteria:

  • send targeted traffic;
  • be relevant and quality;
  • inserted in quality content;
  • comes from trusted sources;
  • be placed on a page with high PageRank;
  • should not be reciprocal;
  • not easily acquired.

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