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Where is it better to buy backlinks in 2017?

Website owners are usually wondering where to buy backlinks for SEO. Of course, they would like to get only quality and relevant external links which can bring to their SEO efforts and improve current website rankings. It is a complicated task to get quality links for a reasonable price in our days. The biggest amount of companies that provide backlinking services are overpriced. And vice verse if a company has low rates they provide low-quality spammy services that won’t bring you any value.

This article is devoted to some of the best link building service providers. I will explain to you how you can benefit from this or that services and what else you can do to get best quality external links.

where to buy backlinks

Where to buy backlinks in these days?

In this section, I will give you some thoughtful reviews on the best link building service providers which currently exist. None of them are in the particular order, and all of them provide excellent opportunities for online business.

  • Semalt Auto SEO

This tool is specially created for those who want to increase their sales online but still unfamiliar with search engine optimization techniques and do not want to invest a lot of money without seeing a particular result. Semalt Auto SEO tool serves for website optimization, making web pages more search-engine friendly and eliminating all existed technical errors. Moreover, it improves website visibility on SERP through visitor-generating targeted search terms. Another reason to use Semalt Auto SEO is to create a strong link building campaign, continuously generating new and relevant backlinks that point to your site.

The first trial month of their services costs just 0,99 cents. It is enough time to understand whether their link building services worth your attention or not.

Semalt has a vast base of partner websites in almost all online spheres. Semalt base has over 50, 000 reliable partner sites on various subjects. That is why you can be sure that you will get backlinks from the authoritative niche-related sources. All your website links will be integrated into unique content, bringing you the perfect optimization results. Together with a professional web developer, you will be able to track of links and their placement. Link building is performed gradually according to the ratio - 40%, 50% - anchor links and 10% brand name links. All these links are not permanent, but they are placed during the time you subscribe Semalt.

semalt backlinks

  • Diggity Links

This company is the best provider of PBN link building services. The owner of this company Matt Diggity is a senior SEO expert and successful entrepreneur who owns a network of over 5,000 private blog networks. Diggity Link company provides monthly backlink rentals starting with prices $5 per link. It can be challenging to get in on this system though. It is an application-only network dedicated to providing power, quality and safety backlinks while offering the most competitive prices. Before adding any new domains to their system, Diggity Links company test websites on their quality and relevance. They use sites that have never been used for SEO and have never been penalized. All websites are tested to show ranking increases on third-party sites.

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