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Can you help me elevate my business rankings with winning Google local SEO tips?

According to GO-Globe, about 50% of the users running their search on Google to find local products or services, would result in the actual purchase just within one single day. And every online business owner should know how to leverage such huge commercial opportunities to the maximum. And the short answer is yes, I can help you elevate your business rankings with a couple of pretty good Google local SEO tips. Hope they will help you to carry that task. That being said, below I’m going to give you a brief list of Google local SEO tips backed with some useful suggestions I’ve tested for my own endeavor. So, let’s delve.

Google Local SEO Tips & Practical Suggestions

Tip One: Fill Google My Business Listing

Before anything else, I recommend getting listed on Google My Business (otherwise, GMB) page, as local searchers are most commonly running their search via the actual business address and location. Given that this tool is free – you should make most out of it by way of putting your Name, Address and Phone Number (otherwise, NAP), as well as the rest of major business information (for example, open hours and directions on Google Maps). All you need is to make sure your personal listing is filled in full, in line with keeping it up-to-date. 

Tip Two: Make Most Out Of Google Posts

Did you know that now every Google My Business account supports any updates regarding deals, local hot offers, and any other upcoming events? Should it happen that you didn’t, it’s time to make most out of this opportunity. All you need to start a mutual communication with your potential customers is to launch your own Google Posts. What’s more – you can grab your potential customers even before they have actually navigated to your web pages – as such posts will appear directly in the list of the relevant Google’s SERPs.

Tip Three: Try Schema Markup

This specific code can be added to your HTML for improving the way your web pages are displayed in the list of Google’s SERPs. Taken in general, Schema Markup code helps the major search engines (like Google itself) to better recognize some specific elements found on your web pages. Ultimately, to tell the search engines that the page content is fully relevant to a given local search, therefore making it worth further promotion up the list. For more info about Schema Markup, check basic definitive guides available in open access on the Internet.

Tip Four: URL, Tags, and Content Optimization

Make sure your content, URLs, title tags, headings and the major metadata include your target city, region, or location. At the same time, don’t forget to embed each element with your top relevant keywords or their long-tail variations.Doing so, you will help Google “understand” your current geographical location and therefore index your web pages accordingly. That’s it!

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