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Check your website structure optimization in the section Page Info.
In order to view the information about the webpage structure, open your project in Website Analyzer and go to the section Page Info.
Google search engine performs thorough analysis of the webpages optimization level. We recommend you to pay attention to the results of Semalt scan for the following criteria:
  • Page status. If the website works stably, you will see the code 200 in this field. It means that server is successfully receiving and processing browser requests.
  • Doctype. Shows a document type: it tells the browser how to interpret a webpage. There exist several versions of HTML and the extensible markup language XHTML.
  • Content-Type. The MIME standard includes several Content-Types that can be displayed in a web browser: text/html; image/png.
  • W3C validation. Shows if a webpage corresponds to the World Wide Web Consortium standards. You can find this information, warnings and errors that should be fixed in the subsections HTML 5, HTML 4 Strict and HTML 4 Transitional.
  • Page size. Shows the traffic size in Kb that is required to load the website page.
  • Load time. Time required for correct display of a webpage in the browser.
  • Download speed. Loading speed of a webpage.
  • Redirect count. The number of HTTP-redirects for this URL.


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