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Domain information

Get complete information about the domain in the section Domain information.
The domain information has influence on the Google trust level. Check the information about your website domain in Semalt Website Analyzer.
Audit allows to obtain the following data:
  • Domain age
  • WWW resolve
  • IP canonicalization

No special access is required, the information is displayed automatically once the scanning process is over.

How can these parameters affect the trust level?
  • Domain age. Information about the domain age.
  • WWW resolve. Information about WWW-redirect on the website.
  • IP canonicalization. Information shows if the domain is attached to a certain IP-address.
  • HTTPS. Information shows the main domain and additional details:
    • Certificate details
    • Issued to (domain)
    • Issued by (Domain Validation Secure Server)
    • Valid from… till… (date and time)
Due to high probability of cyber attacks, we recommend to use encrypted data by extending the protocol HTTP — HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure).



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