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Keywords info

Check if you effectively use keywords on your website.
Website Analyzer scans the webpage and displays the main criteria in the field Keywords info:
  • Keyword. Word/phrase in the keyword list.
  • Title. Keywords displayed in the search results and browser’s window.
Title is unique for each page.
  • Headers. Shows if keywords appear in headers.
Keywords found on the page are marked with an icon. The icon cancel means that these keywords are not used in the text.
  • Count. The number of corresponding keywords on the page.
  • Density. Shows how often keywords are used in the text content.
The list of relevant keywords that can be added manually or by uploading a ready file. Use the Suggestion feature to find more keywords.
In order to view the whole list, click Show All and click Hide to fold it. Hover your mouse cursor over a keyword to select the necessary data.
As you post new content on the webpage, you should perform analysis once again.



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