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Google May core update 2020 – Are your concerns well-founded?

Eugene Serbin (Head of SEO) SEO Industry July 31, 2020

Long before this Internet stuff, the former Britain leader Winston Churchill verbally stressed the importance of change. Fast-forward to today – the search engine behemoth catches up with his wise saying in Google’s May 2020 core algorithm update. In a nutshell, a core update is a set of changes to how Google’s search algorithms work. They are different from those thousands of minor tweaks that the company’s developers make as they sip their morning coffee. Core updates affect the entire system, including the search rankings of most websites out there. These changes are not something you’ll need to get through only once in a lifetime. They are usually rolled out a couple of times every year, meaning that Google doesn’t tread water. It keeps improving its systems to provide searchers with the most up-to-the-point results – similar to how we all do SEO to improve our websites for users.

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How to get more organic traffic to your dispensary using a marijuana SEO strategy?

Vladislav Polikevych Tips & Guides July 1, 2020

The cannabis industry is complicated. In the wake of the ever-changing rules of the game, online businesses face serious handicaps foisted by the authorities and search engines. They flounder in their attempts to promote their products as many marketing agencies are reluctant to provide the same services for them as they’d do for other businesses. That is why cannabis SEO is like a godsend to marijuana growers, vendors, and suppliers. The controversy aside, the number of places with the legalized use of marijuana is growing. To date, you can buy it for yourself in 11 U.S. states, Canada, and some European countries. This means that businesses are all into the cut-throat competition, stirred up by the unprecedented consumer demand. If you’re vying for a spot on the market, you’re going to struggle against brick-and-mortar stores just as fiercely as you’ll do against online dispensaries.

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Is it worth it to invest in SEO during the economic recession?

Vladislav Polikevych SEO Trends April 23, 2020

In times when people are facing lingering uncertainty and businesses are battening down for the worst, the winner is the one who has a viable recovery strategy. It is those who not only know how to prepare for an economic crash but avoid cutting critical investments that end up sitting in the catbird seat. And digital marketing (see SEO) is one of those investments. Let’s crunch some numbers to keep up with what’s going on in the industry.

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What’s the best Corona marketing strategy to climb out of this recession?

Eugene Serbin (Head of SEO) News April 8, 2020

No bane of our lives lasts forever. The coronavirus is no exception. Sooner or later, it will go away – and we’ll get back to easily manageable business operations and healthy socialization. No one has probably missed handshakes so much as people in 2020 do. Sentimentality aside, what we all need to do now is to adapt. Not the way you used to do when your sales plummeted off-season. Surviving an economic downturn calls for more drastic actions than just rethinking your pricing model and taking a couple of days off. Stay tuned for marketing improvements that will help you do well during this COVID-19 pandemic. But first, make sure you realize how badly it has hit the world so far.

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The SEO vs. PPC skirmish: Is there a winner?

Vladislav Polikevych SEO Industry March 10, 2020

“SEO rocks!” is often heard as a watchword of those who have got a feel for search optimization as their online marketing way. Meanwhile, untiring advocates of paid ads stand up for PPC. They all have their reasons to take up the cudgels. However, it seems like they have no other choice but to agree to disagree. Should they? The crushing weight of arguing aside, which one is really best? Is it SEO or PPC that can help your business wind up having a commanding online presence? The time is ripe for the answers you’ve been waiting for.

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Do you want more traffic?

We have all the right SEO tools and techniques to help you improve your online visibility.

Do you want more traffic?

We have all the right SEO tools and techniques to help you improve your online visibility.

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