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Social networks

Learn about your website popularity on Social Media.
Social signals have influence on the Google search rankings. Your website’s visibility on social media attracts more visitors to the website and develops the company’s image.
When your project has social media page, Semalt Website Analyzer shows if you use it effectively. Our service is integrated with the largest social media resources:
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter

Each social platform has the unique structure; that is why, the audit results will be displayed by the following criteria.
The Facebook page analysis shows the following data:

  • Name
  • About
  • Likes
  • Talking about this
  • URL
  • Founded
  • Profile picture
  • Cover

Google+ page:
  • Name
  • Tagline
  • Plus count
  • Circled by
  • URL
  • Cover

The Twitter page scanning includes the following parameters:
  • Name
  • Screen name
  • Followers
  • Followings
  • Tweets
  • URL
  • Profile image
  • Cover

Website Analyzer recommendations
Click on the required section to get recommendations and see more details:
  • Status of criterion analysis. Shows the webpage/group effectiveness on social media.
  • Recommendations. The section with tips required for better webpage/group optimization.
  • About this criterion. Information about social resources benefits.





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