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Why do you need web page analytics for your online business?

Web page analytics is a foundation of website performance. It helps webmasters  measure success or failure of their promotional campaigns. Moreover, it points to the committed errors and omissions. With the help of analytics, you can track your website progress and take necessary measures to improve its position in SERP. Most of the website owners use analytics to count the number of new visitors and track their actions on a site. However, they do not use a full potential of web analytics report. In this article, you will find out how to examine your analytical data and use them to improve your online business.

web page analytics

Ways to create an effective web analytics report

  • Comparative analysis

A monthly analytics can give you and your clients a report of user attendance rate, conversion and sales growth within a month. However, it is not effective if you can’t see previous month data. Analytics requires a context from the past months and years to show how your indicators are increased or decreased. It gives you an opportunity to eliminate some bugs on your site and implement the new recommendations from your SEO experts team. If you run a seasonal business, then you may compare data to the same time frame of the previous year. You can track how many new leads you have to get and check how are you doing compared to the last year. Most website owners choose Google Analytics as the most professional tool to make quality analytical reports. It gives an opportunity for website owners to compare all data ranges in one click.

  • Explain your collected data

A regular data analysis from Google Analytics can mean nothing to an average website owner or business person. They do not work with graphs and numbers every day. That is why you will be useless for them unless you make sure you give a full explanation of your collected data to help website owners easily understand what they see in the graph and how these data relate to their business profits. You may use such reporting tool as Semalt to leave your comments within the report. Your notes will help a website owner understand the actual state of the site’s performance.

  • Segment the collected data by source

It is significant to segment all collected data (CTR, conversion, attendance rate, etc.) by source. Break out paid and organic search, referrals, and social traffic sources to present a clear picture of the website performance. Such segmentation will also help to identify which channels drive the most lead volume and how to improve a situation with other traffic sources.

web analytics report

  • Return on investment performance

Show any data that point ROI to let website owner determine what kind of return his website provided for the business. Make an emphasis on such analytical data as downloaded resources, goods purchase, leads submitted, completions by traffic sources, and so on. If you make an analytical analysis for an e-commerce website, such data as revenue, purchase volume, and shopping cart behavior will be useful. To show how SEO or advertising campaign influences the site’s ROI, show your client the statistics which are the most vital to revenue.

Web page analytics tracks your business objective

An effective analytics report is essential for the website’s success as it measures a progress of the promotional campaign and helps to take necessary actions to improve a current situation with your site. By using web analytics, you may easily assess the promotional campaign effectiveness and be aware of such significant data as conversion rate, the sources of entry and the number of new visitors. All these metrics matter to your business and help you make it better.

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