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Where to look for TOP backlinks?

Backlinks are valuable for any websites, as they bring targeted traffic to a website and raise brand authority in the eyes of search engines. Using backlinks, you have a potential to reach an untapped audience that could turn into paying customers.

Link-building serves as a significant part of any search engine optimization strategy for these exact reasons. However, it is not right to believe that any link will bring you the same value as they are usually not created equally. There are some factors which you need to consider to improve your rankings, especially when it comes to finding your target opportunities.

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In this article, you will find some valuable information about the types of external links and ways to get top quality backlinks to your site.

Types of external links

  • Directory links

Directory links are the most widespread type of links that come from websites that serve as a directory for people searching for a particular kind of products or services. Online directories give a possibility to get backlinks with a little budgeting as they accept both free and paid submissions. It is the best variant for those who are looking for the opportunities to build multiple directory links. Subscription-based directories charge a fee for their services on a yearly or monthly basis.

If you are featured on directories, it gives you an opportunity to drive targeted and relevant traffic back to your web source. If you have well-optimized website structure and can provide users with quality content, then most likely your visitors will convert into customers.

  • Editorial backlinks

Editorial links serve to attract quality organic traffic to a website and improve the awareness of the online business. Editorial links have a lot of value as they came from highly authoritative sources (f.e. Such high-profile publications as The Daily Mail or The Huffington Post). These online platforms are highly trusted and appreciated by search engines as well as by average customers, that is why the value of their backlinks cannot be underestimated. Each of these links passes on a significant trust to your site. As a rule, editorial links are costly, but the return you can get from them will be much higher.

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Ways to get TOP backlinks to your site

Let us firstly talk about directory links. The perfect opportunity to secure a top directory link is to find a quality niche directory that possesses some authority. I strongly recommend you to avoid general directories as there you won’t target your potential customers. Instead of it, you need to focus on directories that specific to your market niche and industry. Search engines will provide more traffic and value to the niche related sites, giving an opportunity to your online business to gain some authority from the niche directory sites.

Now, let us speak about getting editorial links to your site. The perfect opportunity to get editorial links is to create a press release where to describe some significant company novelties. It is the ideal way to raise awareness of your brand and promote your products or services in discreet and covert form. It is advisable to use some hard-hitting stat and interesting facts in your press release to appeal to a bigger audience and attract more potential customers.

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