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Can you show me top 10 backlink sites to get paid links safely?

Yes, I can show you top 10 backlink sites to buy quality links with fewer chances to raise a red flag with Google. In fact, organic process of natural link building is more than important. I mean the expert webmasters and professional SEOs have recently reconfirmed that every website’s rankings are commonly driven with on-site optimization just by about 10%. At the same time, the rest of progress in online promotion is dependent on the main link profile of a website, regarding backlinks both regarding quality, and their quantity. Just keep it in mind - put simply, every inbound link on your website or blog is actually giving another positive “vote” considered by Google itself, as well as the rest of major search engines when it comes to awarding the right ranking position in the list of the SERPs. 

Note, however, that backlinks are representing themselves as a more than efficient and benefiting way to improve your website’s current ranking positions in less time. But before showing you top 10 backlink sites worth your time and effort, let’s face it - buying links properly and for the right purpose would be all right. Though, the whole doing might as well prove to be a more harmful, rather than benefitting effort. That’s why I suggest using them with a special care and making a double check for each link to your website or blog before it goes live. And no need to say that getting paid links either in bulk or from link wheels (i.e., online platforms and sites for link exchange at scale, as well as any other cheap link generating services which are commonly used for spawning tons of low-quality backlinks, besides nearly in a self-driven manner). So, remember you must invest enough time on running a proper research before you get another paid link - even from those top 10 backlink sites. After all, rushing out to buy links elsewhere on the Internet is probably the most dangerous and risky undertaking ever. 

Top 10 Backlink Sites Worth Paying for Links 

  1. Links Management - is the first place I recommend you to visit. Just because I used their services for building backlinks to my niche website and found nearly everything easy, reliable, and safe. Links Management doesn’t entertain bidding, so you can always buy good PageRank backlinks for a reasonable fee. Besides, the bottom price here starts with just one dollar.
  1. Post Links - the second source found on my list of top 10 backlink sites for making a safe deal. Among the strongest sides of this platform, you can easily join it paying an instant $49 fee. Post Links proved to be a reliable way of promptly getting in touch with the right publishers. And there are a lot of advertisers there looking for good deals with buying high-quality backlinks. Note, that if your website or blog is good enough, you might as well acty yourself as a publisher. Once you got a fresh, quality, and well-targeted content, all you need is just to submit your site. That way, you are getting involved in building genuine backlinks for the real customers to make money. After all, it’s all about business, isn’t it?     

  1. Backlinks dot COM - it’s the third most popular place to consider buying backlinks with. The very special feature of this resource is that it can offer you a pretty broad list of offers available both in strong PR sites with the highest domain authority, and a vast quantity of the other third-party websites or blogs worth paying for HQ backlinks as well. What’s more - Backlinks dot COM is a great and use-proven place to grab some extra valuable links and elevate your current rankings too. Besides, being known among the most renowned paid link providers for probably any niche website, you can enjoy probably the easiest purchase procedure among top 10 backlink sites - feel free to make a successful payment with a credit card, or just using your personal PayPal account.
  1. Black Hat Links - is the Black-Hat SEO tool that can give you nearly any link you need - with high PR, Web 2.0 available, strong domain age, and authority, as well as many different social signals, and even more. As you may already guess, Black Hat Links is a risky provider selling backlinks in large bulk packages to the toughest daredevils, rather than offering just a single or a couple of paid links to more careful webmasters and online business owners. Among the other unique features, this tool can give you anything about a hundred backlinks or two - delivering quite measurable results at ease and making them all observable just within an hour or so. Bottom line - try this tool only if you are skilled in SEO and feel brave enough to take the actual risk concerning the use of Black-Hat SEO and the other not fully “legal” tricks and action schemes.

  1. The Hoth - is another good tool for building backlinks manually. Of course, The Hoth is far not ultimately best option found in the list of top 10 backlink sites. But it’s extremely useful for quality link management, as well as getting a head start with Google’s indexing. Try this software and improve your website’s performance at scale. Note, however, that before moving ahead, make sure you have everything in place. I strongly recommend keeping yourself away from any massive purchase actions, at least have a double check on every link before it goes live. The thing is that much like too risky automated link building software, this manual tool can also prove to be equally harmful for your website or blog. To prevent this unfortunate outcome, I recommend to act as carefully as you can, particularly at the start. Once again - rushing out to spawn as many seemingly good PR backlinks as possible is a definitely not to do thing. But what should be done best? The thing is that all you need here is just to avoid acting boldly, unless you want to look suspicious from the viewpoint of the major search engines. Nobody wants to get penalized by Google, right? So, just keep working persistently for only gradual move - once you noticed that a part of your main keywords is getting a particularly fine progress moving on the top of the SERPs, you can finally accelerate and start buying more and more links - gradually moving towards your final ranking goal and persistently monitoring your current situation with backlink analysis tools.
  1. Fiverr - another famous tool providing link building services in a fully automated system schedule. Keep in mind, that like any other link-generating tool, Fiverr can be a dangerous place - so watch out! Just don’t overdo with the quantity when adding the new paid links, and make a double check to deal with only experienced and the most trustful people out there.

  1. Up Work - is the ultimately safest place found among the list of top backlink sites. But safety will always cost you some extra cash, right? I mean that Up Work is dealing mainly with a skilled freelance community. Yes, their price tags can sometimes be obscenely hefty, but the service is still among the most reasonable ones to make a deal with paid backlinks. Doing so, you will always know at least what you are paying for.
  1. People Per Hour - is the second best name in the world of freelance. Among its top features, this freelancing community can offer high PR backlinks with Do Follow to everyone willing to pay for them. Considering the outcomes expected from all those top 10 backlink sites (i.e., the actual boost in the search ranking positions for a single website or blog), People Per Hour is doing the job ultimately better than anybody else on the Web. Why? Just because this freelancing community is skilled enough to provide the most powerful backlinks ever, I should admit. There are thousands of really smart freelancers crowding out there to give you the ultimate high PR backlinks with Do Follow coming from a lot of different sources with a very high authority and PageRank, such as HuffPost, IBM, The Next Web, and many other names of the world's giants well-known by most of us.

  1. Buy High-Quality Backlinks dot COM - is known for being the most suitable place to watch your website or blog climbing on the top of Google’s SERPs - like a rocket. Their top-notch team of SEOs and webmasters playing over 15 years in the industry can offer a really impressive ranking promotion with Do Follow backlinks sold in bulk.
  1. Backlinks Rocket - is not only among top 10 backlink sites but SEO provider of the international scale. Offering you a reasonable diversity of paid packages starting from $59 to about a hundred dollars, Backlinks Rocket can help you with the rarest deals - offering dot EDU backlinks for sale. Some people believe having a single educational link is far better than 100 normal ones.
  1. Link Wheel Pro - is the extra featured option, that couldn’t fit on my list of top 10 backlink sites. Of course, that place is potentially dangerous as it suggests getting massive amounts of backlinks based mainly on link exchanges and some other not fully reliable deals. Anyway, offering the most valuable educational and even governmental backlinks, Link Wheel Pro looks pretty much attractive to gamble, doesn’t it? After all, a big game always means taking big risks. Nevertheless, it’s still only up to you to decide.

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