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Can you help me with the best websites for backlinks on social media?

Yes, there are a lot of different social media websites and popular online platforms with high PageRank and DA (domain authority), which can become really benefitting places to get linked with. Before reviewing the best websites for backlinks on social media, note that below I’m going to show you only major ones - as you may be already familiar with the lion’s share of these crowded networks. So, let’s look how to build your online presence and in what way you should seed the main content posts. In fact, all you need is to provide more actual value to your posts. Remember, you must deliver additional value with your content. The thing is that every shred of your writings on social media should be purely valuable and match your niche interests. Besides, I believe that making everything shareable and as welcoming to links as possible is the only way to survive and stay out of the tightest competition driving the modern realm of social media. To that point, let’s have a look at the best websites for backlinks out there.


This popular network is probably among the best websites for backlinks on social media. In fact, LinkedIn has a lot of different places leaving the door open to create a bunch of links for value. Here you can add profile links, as well as links to the regular short posts, and more detailed ones on the main site of yours.


Pinterest shows its strongest sides when it comes to precisely niche targeted content, such as DIY. This platform is also fine for remodeling part of your plain text content into something more visual and eye-catching yet still informative data, i.e., infographics, spreadsheets, and so on. Hint: Using Pinterest to build links regarding your main link building strategy would have a cumulative effect, so don’t hesitate to combine this one with some other best websites for backlinks.


Particularly this platform is often neglected. Hence it’s rarely mentioned among the best websites for backlinks on social media. And the thing is that Instagram can actually become a real goldmine - given that you have an excellent imagery and smart, creative ideas for reshaping visual content. Note, however, that digital marketers crowding there made the place a definitely challenging one prevailed by a tough market competition.

Google Plus

Some time ago, certain profile links, as well as the ones on Google+, might have a little more weight than normal links usually do. Of course, this imbalance has been successfully removed by the most recent Panda algorithm update. Nevertheless, the social platform by the world’s search giant is still worth dropping some valuable links under any circumstances. Just remember - linking to Google+ is a practically proven way to potentially faster and more efficient indexing. 


That’s it! We have finally come across this really smart way to building backlinks. Considering that using Tumblr for generating links is definitely a tricky task. Nevertheless, it’s worth trying yourself on this very popular resource - once you got a good backlink and made it circulate, you can get potentially unlimited link building opportunities over the course of the years - thanks to myriads of subdomains on Tumblr.

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