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Should I start link building with directories to submit website for backlinks before anything else?

Nowadays, the main factors of off-page Search Engine Optimization have become much more sophisticated than any other means of on-page SEO. In fact, quality link building (including the actions needed to submit website for backlinks) are related exactly to off-page SEO, being a vital part of the complete puzzle about search engine rankings at scale. It means that every website or blog should have a strong backlink profile contributing to the overall growth in terms of building a high authority, as well as the ultimate goal to dominate Google’s SERPs. Of course, the lion’s share of link building strategies usually need a lot of time, and sometimes may even require a bit of cash investment. Nevertheless, having a strong link profile is a worthy doing anyway, which will always pay off, particularly from the viewpoint of a long-term prospect.

Quick Wins For Your Link Building

As I already said, building a quality link profile should be among your top priorities. Of course, if you decided to submit website for backlinks or even already have everything out there in place - good for you! But that wouldn’t be enough to enjoy a nice kickstart for your website’s backlink profile. Have you tried both industry-specific and local business directories to submit website for backlinks? And if you’re still hesitating what approaches to try first - here they are. Below I’m going to list top link building tactics that can promptly deliver you some measurable results in SEO.

Local Business Directories

No need to say that using local directories to submit website for backlinks is probably the best way to start building backlinks. If you are working with these basics from the earliest post-start-up period of your website or blog - you are already moving on the right track. Don’t hesitate to pay some time and effort to make sure you are listed on all major local directories. Include all the necessary information, such as your business location, working hours, contact information, etc. That way, you will not only get a valuable backlink but improve your online visibility for local searchers, as well as your overall business performance at scale.

Industry-Specific Directories

Let’s face it - these type of business directories may seem elusive, particularly if compared with general business listings. Nevertheless, industry-specific directories should never be neglected, as they are still a great way to reinforce your link building potential once your website or blog goes live. Note, however, that submitting to these directories would take a little bit more time, but don’t be scared. Most commonly, such listings will need you to complete a registration procedure before you finally submit website for backlinks - but your foreseeable benefits are worth every effort spent out there, for sure. 

Bottom Line

Seeking for link building opportunities with web directories, keep in mind that you should have all your business information well-consolidated and fully matching with every shred of business data listed elsewhere on the Web. Otherwise, you can face certain problems from the side of the major search engines, as well as a proper indexing procedure. At last, work persistently and make sure to have a double check that you in the right and wholly relevant place before you complete every submission procedure for getting those deserved backlinks in return.

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