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Is it possible to buy GOV backlinks?

When it comes to the most powerful backlinks from the governmental websites and blog pages, here’s one thing you should understand first and foremost. The thing is that you can't actually buy GOV backlinks, you can only earn them. That’s why below I’m going to show you the process of earning these valuable backlinks in several use-proven ways I’ve recently tested for my own website. And that would be a definitely time-consuming task, I should admit. But you still want to enjoy their powerful authority factor, don’t you? So, here is how you can buy GOV backlinks - investing just your time and effort in one of the following: commenting on government blogs, writing about a government institution or some related bodies, interviewing an agency or community member, building a resource page, as well as bold flattering to get that deserved backlinks in return. So, let’s review each case that can allow help you buy GOV backlinks - paying with your labor for that.

Commenting on Government Blogs

Leaving comments on dot GOV blogs is among the most common ways to earning governmental backlinks. Much like commenting elsewhere on the Internet, however, the task isn’t as simple as it may seem at first glance. The thing is that the lion’s share of related websites are not allowed for commenting, or at least are highly probable to offer only no-follow backlinks. So, you will have to spend much time to find the right candidates for getting comment links. That would be the most challenging task here.

Writing about the Institution or Related Body

Draw more attention to your website or blog - write a great article about the government institution or its related body. You might as well write about a politician - interviewing an agency member, or a great community influencer is also a use-proven way to grab some backlinks. For example, creating a niche article or discussion in Energy Sector would be a well-formed decision for those building energy efficient houses, machinery, or involved to any other allied and highly relevant industry or niche. Those dealing, for instance, with chemistry or pharmacy can find a perfect match with Environmental Protection bodies, or Healthcare Organizations owned by the governments.

Interviewing Agency or Community Member

Much like the previous method, interviewing a politician or some closely related influencers is also a nice chance to earn backlinks from the governmental sites. All you need here is to notify the interviewed person and have everything settled in advance - before you started working on that valuable article and finally get a link back to your website or blog. Hint: consider choosing any newly proposed law that is expected to impact your own online project or business on the whole.

Building Resource Page

Depending on the niche, building a resource page can sometimes become a really smart solution. I some cases, for example with local business, consider creating resource pages to provide practical information about local legislation or official regulations that would be useful for local users. Also, consider getting listed on some already existing resource pages commonly owned by many government websites.

Bold Flattering

After all, flattery is nearly always a guaranteed and proven way to buy GOV backlinks from the government institutions. All you need is to find the right pain points of top current importance - and just pronounce with your content exactly what they want to hear. Of course, you must have the actual feel of course - and promote your piece of content as persistently as you can.

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