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What is so Important About Old Site Content Optimisation?

Have you ever thought about the importance of site content optimisation? Every online marketer and SEO would agree that content from the past can still deliver value. According to statistics, the majority of traffic and leads comes from old articles and web pages. Therefore, optimization of those posts and pages are crucial for those site owners who want to generate increases in leads without shifting their content creation schedule.

site optimisation

Guide On How to Update Your Content

Keeping your content relevant and up-to-date is essential for a good ranking on Google. If you strive to improve user experience, then updating and republishing your website content is exactly what you need.

Note: do not republish your content under a new URL since the old one already has links, rank, and authority. Remember, your goal is to boost your rankings while getting the best results from content optimization.

When it comes to site content optimisation, the optimal thing to do to some articles and blog posts is to rewrite, consolidate, or just remove them. Which option you choose is up to you.  Identify texts that get no significant traffic or conversions. Then, consider one of the following:


If you have weak posts, turn them into strong ones. If it’s an article about something that’s close to your industry business, but the article itself is thin and gets no likes, shares or comments, write another, much better post and drop it into the same URL.


Even though many posts aren’t fully duplicated, they often go over the same ground. Those posts might still have some value if it could be presented differently to the user.


One helpful technique is to take a bunch of posts that aren’t performing well and turn them into one big article that covers the subject as thoroughly as possible. The only thing you need to do is to cut the main point out of each post, stitch it together and do a rewrite, identifying the new value prop for the article.

It All About Call-To-Action Buttons

Let’s face it: CTA content, appearance, and placement will probably all need to be altered.

Yes, CTAs have evolved. Those you have in your older posts probably don’t look that much appealing to visitors. In addition to the fact that they don’t include slide-in or exit-intent stuff, the old CTAs most likely were designed for a different audience. What’s more, some CTAs might just be in the wrong place.  

Replacing them with new ones would be beneficial for your site content optimisation.

When bringing in changes think about the following: according to statistics, end of post banner CTAs gets just 6% of clicks. On the contrary, CTAs from anchor texts as well as internal link CTAs get up to 93% of clicks.  

Semalt experts also recommend performing site content optimisation the next way: offer links to additional content like white papers, eBooks, and infographics that maybe you didn’t have when you published the post first time.

website optimisation


You should understand that by creating new content, you don’t improve the old one. It simply doesn’t work that way — fixing underperforming content has to take place on that content.

To sum up: site content optimization can produce powerful improvements in your content marketing effectiveness. Go for it and see what happens to your rankings!

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