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Is It Simple to Do Search Engine Optimization in WordPress?

If you’re working on your web marketing strategy, you probably know that website optimization is an arduous process that requires not only explicit knowledge of how search engines work but also significant research and plenty of patience.

If you’re doing SEO on a WordPress site but still don’t get the desired results, then you better read the following article. It will tell you about simple search engine optimization mistakes people make when optimizing Wordpress sites.

simple search engine optimization

WordPress SEO is Simple When Done Correctly

Optimize Your Site to the Fullest

You should optimize everything you can on your resource, including the content, headlines, subheads, image tag titles, and captions. Make sure you don’t forget about URLs and meta descriptions. It’s highly important that your site is readable to both your visitors and search engines. Simply put, improve your content readability as much as possible.

Keyword Research for SEO is a Must

Keyword research is an integral part of the SEO process. Look for keywords with high search volume and low competition rate. Don’t select keywords and key phrases randomly — such actions can harm your website. Remember, search engines put the results that are the most relevant on page 1. Use keywords that best suit and describe your content, so it could find its way to the target audience.  

“Keyword Stuffing” is a Bad Idea

Thinking of including your keywords multiple times throughout the body of your content? Forget about it. If you put your keyword in every sentence or even twice in the same sentence, then you are at the risk of getting Google penalty. Special programs that crawl websites will quickly identify this practice and rank sites that do so poorly. Instead, practice using latent semantic keywords which are the words or phrases semantically linked to your original keyword. They will you help your content rank by making it more readable.

wordpress seo

Link Building is Everything

Link building is the simplest way to create search engine optimization value. Already linking similar content to each other? Good for you! By including a hyperlink in the Content B that directs the reader to the Content C, you can increase the value of the Content C and help it rank higher in search results. Don’t create links that direct to non-relevant content. By doing so, you will only hurt your rankings. Link only similar content. Also, avoid link stuffing. The good idea is to include at least one inbound and one outbound link on the page.

Track and Measure Your Progress

Implement Google Analytics or any other similar tool that will allow you to monitor and measure your website’s data. Having such a solution helps to achieve goals faster because you can know sooner where and when to adjust as needed.  

When starting the search engine optimization process, it’s okay to make mistakes. There is a lot to understand about the way search engines work and all the details that help your websource rank. Even though these mistakes seem simple, they can pack a punch to your SEO rank. Therefore, you better all the avoid common missteps mentioned above. Remember, search engine optimization is simple when it's done right.

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