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Is There an Alternative Search Engine in Which My Company Can Rank?

Every day Google processes over 3 billion queries what makes it a highly valuable marketing tool. However, Google is not the only search engine on the market. Today’s article is dedicated to Google’s biggest competitors. Get to know them all!

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Top 3 Alternative Search Engines Your Company Should Consider


DuckDuckGo is the most famous alternative search engine in the world. Its popularity is explained by the fact that it doesn’t collect or share any of user personal information.There is no search history. You can rest assured your personal information will never be stored, sold or given to third parties. DDG primary selling point is to get new users. As a company, it practices what it preaches about privacy. With the highest ratings for SSL encryption, their website is as safe as possible.

Ranking in DuckDuckGo

DDG SEO standards are similar to Google. In the main, you just have to get links. DDG also uses semantic search to determine user intent. This means you can still find success online through DuckDuckGo, especially since its search engine optimization standards are very similar to Google standards. What’s more, its pay per click ads come from Bing.


Ixquick is another privacy-centric search engine that pulls results from other search engines instead of ranking individual pages. What makes Ixquick so unique is so-called metasearch engine. Simply put, Ixquick takes the best search results from every search engine and then ranks them according to a particular algorithm. From a user perspective, you get the best of the best. However, from a business perspective, your competition is incredibly fierce.

Ranking in Ixquick

If you rank well on other search engines, then ranking on Ixquick isn’t an obstacle — it’s a reward. Once you prove to Google and Internet audience that you’re a trustworthy website, Ixquick users will start to see you that way too. Just concentrate on one search engine at a time to get the outcome you want. By the way, if you feel like paying for ads, you can run a campaign in AdWords since Ixquick uses ads straight from Google.


Yandex is the Russian equivalent of Google. It controls about 60% of the search market share in and around Russian Federation. Even though this might not be a big deal for firms who sell mainly in the United States, for international companies it has the potential for some big payoffs. Yandex does everything one would expect from a big-name search engine. It even has an app-specific promotion platform for tech companies that strive to promote apps only.  

Even though Yandex looks a little like Google, it doesn’t operate in the same way. This search engine weighs on-site factors differently than Google. The importance of single pages, the length of content as well as other criteria don’t matter as much as they do to Google. Still, Yandex has the same goal as Google — create an excellent user experience.

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Ranking in Yandex

If you rank well on Google, you’ll most likely rank well on Yandex. However, you’re targeting clients in and around Russia, you have some work to do. That work will be similar to how you would perform geo-targeting on Google. Nevertheless, it’s essential that you change your webmaster settings before pursuing any Eastern European locations. Writing in Russian and Ukrainian will also help.

Of course, there are other search engines in the world than just three mentioned above you can apply for your company promotion. You can refer to YouTube and social networks since they also account for a lot of Internet searches. Notwithstanding, the search engines listed above take Internet users directly to your company website — not your page on a social network. That is what makes them essential opportunities for getting more direct traffic instead of social page views.

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