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How to make the most out of my business with SEO tools and tips?

These days, the biggest amount of companies understand the basic concept of search engine optimization and even its peculiarities. However, not all of them know how to use SEO effectively. When it comes to building a winning SEO strategy, most online merchants do not know where to begin. As search engine optimization success depends on the ability to work efficiently, you need to know some hacks that will help you to embody your SEO ideas into reality.

seo tools and tips

To make an effective SEO, you need to be incredibly efficient with the tasks at hand. If you are continuously doing manual without  a plan at hand, you won’t be able to go deeper in a digital marketing sphere. That is why you need to value supporting tools and scripts. In this article, we will have a closer look at efficient SEO tools and tips that can help you to maximize your optimization productivity output.

Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on

To be able to work efficiently, you need to make Google Analytics data extracts and reports automatically. Website owners, as well as SEO specialists, conduct monthly reports on a regular basis. It is one of the most repetitive tasks which takes a lot of time. Usually, experts spend a day or even more to extract all required data from Google Analytics.

 They need to be extremely careful when pulling analytical data as mistakes in the analytical reports can cost them a website reputation. That is why webmasters always check segments they apply and metrics they analyze. It is smart to automate this part of work as it will help you to save a lot of time eliminate mistakes in the reports. All in all, your analytical reports can be taken to the next level with the Google Analytics Add-On for Sheets. By adding this useful extension to your Google Analytics, you will be able to pull data directly from the Google Analytics API. At the initial stage, you will need to configure which analytical data should be pulling. On the second stage, you can run a report automatically. This reporting framework will help you to reduce the time on collecting data from GA significantly.

seo semalt

Semalt Auto SEO

Any winning search engine optimization strategies may avoid a process of keyword research. As the quality and relevant search terms are at the core of any optimization campaigns, you need to conduct a comprehensive research of your market niche and competitive analysis. To simplify this process and raise a quality of targeted key phrases, you need to use special keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner and Semalt Auto SEO tool. The last one can help you to conduct automatic website analysis to eliminate all existing errors. Moreover, this tool gives an opportunity to select the most high-volume and relevant to your industry key phrases based on your market niche analysis. 

Semalt Auto SEO is very user-friendly tools, and it takes just several minutes to figure out how this system works. As soon as you register with the system, website analyzer will give a brief report concerning your site correspondence with existing search engine standards. After that, a system will provide you with a list of existing errors on your site. Meanwhile, SEO-engineer will make up a list of traffic-generating and relevant keywords to help you target your potential customers. These tools also provide natural links building on the niche-related websites. It comes with a unique content generation which in complex provide a winning result. Link building is performed gradually according to the ratio: 40% - anchor links, 50% - non-anchor links and 10% - brand name links.

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