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Are Affordable Search Optimization Services Effective?

Make High-Quality Content Your Number One Priority

The first thing to do when launching your SEO campaign is to focus on generating valuable, long-form content. Before publishing your articles, blog posts, white papers or case studies make sure they get past the 500-word mark. Remember, by producing longer articles it is much easier for you to engage with readers and offer them actual value and a rewarding experience. Engaging your prospects with the informative, exciting and relevant content they can benefit from is the best way to boost your traffic and attract new readers. Hence, if you want your site to rank in Google, then you better create in-depth content that addresses users specific wants and needs.

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Keep in mind, your audience will likely click away if your articles aren’t relevant to them specifically. Statistics show that more than 70% of readers get frustrated when websites provide content, ads, offers, promotions that are irrelevant to them. On the contrary, content that answers readers’ frequent questions stands a better chance of being read. By producing such content, you show your readers you have got something important to say and share with them. In such a way, you gain readers’ trust and motivate them to become your clients.

Remember, you can always check out how well your site content is optimized by applying SEO Web Page Analyzer. This useful SEO service is a perfect choice for those who strive to check their website’s content quality from a usability, accessibility and search engine point of view.

Optimize Individual Web Pages

There is no denying that external factors such as links and social media often take the spotlight when people talk about SEO. Even though off-page SEO is a vital part of web development, one can’t ignore the importance of on-page optimization.

Long story short, on-page SEO is a widespread practice of optimizing individual web pages (their HTML code and content especially) to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. If that sounds too overwhelming and complicated to you, fear not. On-page SEO isn’t nuclear physics, and SEO novices can promptly cover their bases with the helpful tips below:

  • Title tag: The title tag of a web page is meant to be a clear and concise description of a current page’s content. For best results, insert the target keyword in your title and keep it no more than 70 symbols.
  • Description: Page descriptions do matter. A readable, compelling description is critical in gaining user click-through from SERPs. Keep it up to 160 characters or fewer.
  • Optimized URLs: Your website URLs should be short and relevant. Make sure they are easy for people to read. Adding your primary keyword to URLs is an excellent idea since such a practice helps readers understand faster what's on the page before they click.
  • Keyword Frequency: Google does look at the number of times a key phrase shows up on the webpage. Using the target keyword a couple of times in the body of your post is an optimal solution. Keyword Density Analysis Tool is a free SEO service you can use to refine the keyword distribution within the chosen piece of content.

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Consider Internal Linking

An internal linking is a vital SEO tactic that shouldn’t be underestimated. In simple words, internal links are those links that point to other pages on the same resource. An internal link is a link that goes from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain. Hope you got it.

These links are typically used in the main navigation. Also, they are highly beneficial for those website owners who strive to establish an information hierarchy for the site. What’s more, internal links help spread link juice around websites, which is beneficial for your rankings. Through internal linking, you can draw the attention of both: the search engines and users to a particular page on your website, what brings a host of benefits for SEO.

Responsive Website Design for Better User Performance

According to the recent research, these days, more than 70% of Google users prefer mobile search to desktop search. Because nowadays most searches are carried out on mobile devices, and users responsiveness is a crucial ranking factor in Google algorithm, it’s high time to think about mobile user experience and satisfaction.

Wondering what responsive web design is? Well, responsive website design is all about responding to the user’s behavior and the environment. As the user switches from their smartphone to laptop, the site should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size, and scripting abilities.

Consider using CSS style sheets, adjustable images, and proportion-based grids to adjust a site's content and layout depending on the device. Remember, your ultimate objective is a smooth browsing and reading experience for both mobile and desktop users.

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Speed Up Your Website

Nobody likes waiting. Both: search engines and users love websites that load fast. It has been proven that when a site responds slowly, users will leave it in about 10 seconds.

Therefore, the next time you perform a full site audit, search for opportunities to speed up your website. If you use a lot of images in your articles and web pages, compress them. In the event you're using a platform like WordPress, get rid of add-ons and eliminate unnecessary plugins. This is the least of what you can do to speed up our site.

Wrapping Up

Even though effective SEO is not cheap, it doesn’t mean you should give up doing your own SEO. Instead of searching for affordable search optimization services, stick to the guidelines mentioned above. They won’t cost you a penny. Don’t wait any longer — start your SEO campaign right now!

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