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How you can build a winning SEO service plan?

These days, most entrepreneurs are fully aware of search engine optimization benefits and basic concepts. However, when it comes to developing their web SEO marketing strategy, they become frustrated as SEO is not that simple to master. You should think about each step of promotion to make your SEO Service Plan work and deliver visible results.

Today I will give some tips how to build a winning SEO Service Plan in several fundamental steps. It doesn’t matter whether you have some experience in digital marketing or not; this guide will help you create a successful SEO strategy.



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Basic web SEO marketing strategies

  • Run a competitor analysis

Before starting to build an SEO Service Plan, make a market research by analyzing your competitors. Check their SERP positions and other significant metrics that will help you evaluate their place in the online market. You should analyze what they are doing to get to the TOP positions to build a winning marketing plan. Moreover, you may pick some useful ideas on how to create a successful online business.

  • Keywords research

Correctly selected keywords can make your web SEO marketing strategy a winning one. Complete a list of relevant keywords associated with your products. To make a correct keywords selection, you can use such tools as Google Keyword Planner or Semalt Auto SEO. These tools are user-friendly, and Semalt Auto SEO offers additional key analysis. I advise you to choose less competitive key phrases to receive more chances at getting your website to the TOP. You should rank the obtained list of keywords in order of priority to your business. If you pick wrong keywords, you will be stuck on the Google outskirts and never reach TOP positions.

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  • Content is a king

A catch phrase “Content is a king” is correct as a quality content is number one Google ranking factor. If you want to improve your website ranking and attract new potential customers, then give proper attention to your content. Google appreciates long texts (more than 2000 characters) with titles and bullets. It means that your content should be well structured and optimized. Make sure you insert relevant key phrases into your content but avoid stuffing your texts with keywords as this manipulation will be revealed by search engines.

  • Link juice

Off-page optimization is equally important as on-page optimization. It is one of the essential ranking factors that help online merchants to receive more visual presence and raise CTR. There are different methods of attracting inbound links to your site. You can share your links with your business partners, purchase permanent links or write blog posts and share them on social media platforms. Moreover, you can publish articles related to your business sphere with inbound links on popular online media. If your content is engaging and interesting, users will share it among themselves without your interference.

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