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What Are Your Favorite SEO Quotes?

Semalt experts have gathered some of their favorite quotes on SEO. We hope that the statements below will spark inspiration for your further inbound marketing strategies.

seo quotes

1.“Optimize for what would happen IF you ranked, do not optimize to rank.”

This SEO quote belongs to Will Critchlow, founder, and CEO of Distilled.

In the last few years, online marketers have focused entirely on how we can get websites to rank highly in the search engine results page. However, as search engines continue to get smarter, it’s better to pay attention to full-functioning inbound marketing roles.

Think about the following: even if you get your site to rank, what happens in the event when your site’s content doesn’t solve the need of the query? You should understand that if this happens, then you’ve probably invested time into something that can be disrupted. What’s more, it puts your site at risk of losing authority and credibility if its content ranks but doesn’t engage with the audience. Thus, you need to do much more than just getting rankings in the SERPs. The good idea is to put yourself in your client’s shoes. Imagine it’s you who searching. Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Would I like to click?
  • Do I like what I see?
  • Do I get what I was searching for?

Remember, it is precisely what Google always tries to determine.

2. “Innovation comes from restraints.”

The following SEO quote belongs to Wil Reynolds, founder & director of Strategy at Seer.  Wil explains the statement as follows: marketers always face restraints, whether they like it or not. What’s important here is that you use those restrictions to your advantage.

Remember,  it doesn’t matter whether the restraint comes from a company’s specific industry or if it’s due to limited resources. What is important most is that you can use it as starting point to bring in and develop unique marketing strategies for your brand.

In the SEO industry, online marketers can use these constraints as the motivation to try other channels to reach their target audience and build a presence in the search engine results page. If you are the online marketers, then it’s crucial for you to understand that there is a variety of others useful channels to reach your brand’s audience, even if it’s out of your comfort zone.


3. “Don’t build things differently, build different things.”

The author of the third SEO quote is also Will Critchlow who was mentioned at the beginning of the post. The statement slightly corresponds with the second SEO quote.  

Here, Will brought up compelling points about the continuous shift to becoming more mobile optimized. People consider mobile as an afterthought, once the idea for an asset or static page is already complete. However, mobile isn’t just about a different load time or smaller screen. It’s an entirely separate experience, and people use it for completely different reasons than they do desktops.

It's all about understanding how shareability of content works on mobile. Obviously, a huge part of that question is Social. Some individuals would even argue that Mobile is social, as half Facebook users assess the service only via mobile devices. The same goes for Gmail meaning that content marketing is mobile.

Remember, even if you look at Google Analytics and see that only 10% of the traffic to your site is mobile, don’t think that website mobile version is not for you. The thing is that you may not be attracting mobile users because you haven’t adjusted your content to cater to mobile user’s preferences.

We hope you liked the above statements. In case you have your own favorite SEO quotes, don’t be shy to share them with us!

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