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What tactics should I have with my SEO plan for ecommerce website?

A constantly evolving realm of Search Engine Optimization is more than fluctuating and ever-changing industry, that’s why every online business owner should have their own customized SEO plan for ecommerce website. Having it backed up with some actionable tactics can give a pretty good advantage over the lion’s share of opponents. Given that we have already got a solid website structure polished with a flawless on-page SEO let’s proceed to the next level. Considering our just shaped SEO plan for ecommerce website, I suggest taking one step forward to reveal the most recent and popular Search Engine Optimization tactics. They all are forged specially to drive massive traffic to your webstore, supporting your business survival online under violent market competition.

seo plan for ecommerce website

Do competitive analysis for backlinks

If handled right, such backlink research can help you uncover the hidden concerns, locking problems, or many new opportunities undiscovered by your market opponents - just by spending the time to study their already existing backlinks. The main point of such competitive analysis is quite simple. For example, what has worked there for competition? Is there anything to follow suit, but do it better? Acting this way, I recommend to get all the necessary data and the backlinks themselves using open-access frameworks like Open Site Explorer by Moz, Majestic, or Semalt Analyzer tool. All you need is to fill in the domain of your most successful competitor and enjoy all the links that were used to build that website structure.

Start using branded snippets right now!

Branded (otherwise featured) snippets have been recently given a new birth, with particularly strong reference to the cutting-edge SEO plan for ecommerce website we are going to use! Just face it - the game rules have changed dramatically. Thus, now focusing on branded snippets and benefitting from their online visibility potential becomes the issue of preeminent importance, as probably not every competitor in the industry at least heard about that new trick. So, branded snippets are often called “zero” to be displayed at the very top of the SERPs as a summary of the search engine responding the user’s request query. THe core benefit here is that using branded snippets not only gives you a great opportunity to be displayed twice in the SERPs but bears an eye-catching logo contributing to your stronger brand name.

seo plan

Hesitate no more about guest posting

Yes, the term of guest posting has a controversial nature, particularly when referring to link building, as well as every outdated SEO plan for ecommerce website. So, let’s try to move the opposite way. What if the idea of having a relevant conversation directly with your target audience just by another guest posting somewhere out isn’t so bad after all? Given that you are never going to act in a spammy or pushy manner, guest blogging seems to keep its original yet long forgotten potency. That’s why no need to hesitate - feel free to represent yourself as a real adept pro in the industry, reinforcing your own brand authority and boosting referral traffic to your website at the same time.

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