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Quick answers to your most frequently asked SEO questions

To make your site visible on SERP, you should know a little bit more than just a search engine optimization term definition and how it can influence your rankings. To build a winning optimization campaign or monitor the work of your SEO experts, you need to get the deeper knowledge about website optimization principles and techniques. So let us talk about essential SEO things a lot of beginners have questions about along the way of website development but do not sure who to ask for clarification.

seo frequently asked questions

TOP frequently asked questions about SEO

  • What is the difference between organic and paid search?

Pais or inorganic search results are those that appear at the TOP of SERP page and have the mark “Ads.” In some cases, these results can also appear at the side of SERP page. These are domains that advertisers pay to appear at the TOP of different search engines for relevant user’s queries. To get to the paid search, you do not need to conduct an optimization campaign. Everything you need is to pay for each user’s click on your ad. This kind of paid ad is called pay-per-click advertising and is used to attract new visitors from search and raise click-through rate.  

Organic or non-paid search refers to organic results that appear in search engines through quality website optimization. A web source that is placed on the TOP of organic search can be distinguished by its relevance, quality, and SEO-friendliness. A TOP ranked website should be developed according to all search engine standards. By leading in the organic search, you raise your chances to improve your brand awareness and attract quality traffic that will convert into sales.

  • How much should I pay for SEO services?

Search engine optimization services price can vary dramatically depending on the kind of your business, your market niche and size of optimization (local, country, global). Moreover, a price depends on the optimization services provider authority and reputation. If it is a long-lasting well-known in the world digital marketing agency, then most probably a cost of their services will be higher than average market price. However, all your investments will be paid off in spades. That is why you should not be skeptical about quality optimization campaign price.

Do not fall for companies who offer SEO at very affordable prices. In most cases, there is unprofessional approach and fraud behind it. Usually, these companies use black-hat SEO techniques to achieve a quick result. However, it can lead to Google penalties and rankings decrease.

seo questions

  • Once I start SEO, how much should I wait to check the first positive results?

SEO is a time-consuming procedure that requires time and efforts. It can’t be implemented overnight. It takes from 6 to 9 weeks to implement all essential SEO strategies and several months after all amendments are dedicated to marketing updates. Search engine crawlers need some time to parse and index your website changes to get your site to the higher position on SERP. Depending on your market niche, a size of site and quality of optimization, it takes from 6 to 9 month to begin observing the first positive SEO results.

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