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How get an SEO optimizer for my online store?

If you are running an ecommerce website, you probably know that a good homepage is an essential part of online business success. Your homepage serves as a business card of your business and may either attract users from search or make them return to the search results for more quality information. That is why your homepage should be both user-friendly and search engine friendly. A quality designed homepage should answer the following questions:

  • What is your brand?
  • What are you selling?
  • How can a user benefit from your products or services?
  • How to order your products in the least possible number of clicks?

seo optimizer online

Everything should be clear for your potential customers. Otherwise, you will raise your site bounce rate and worsen your website visitors experience with your site.

Moreover, search engines should easily crawl your homepage and extract from it all valuable information such as your company physical address, contact information, and product descriptions.

Reasons to care about your homepage SEO-friendliness

Without no doubt, a homepage is the most visited page of your site, even if it is not set as the landing page for pay-per-click advertising campaigns. This page is one that users may link to their articles. It is the page that helps users to judge whether they need to cooperate with you or not. Moreover, a homepage represents your domain in the SERP, and if it is not optimized or poorly designed, you won’t get to the TOP.

Which SEO optimizers may improve your site online presence?

The homepage optimization campaign should be divided into two stages. The first phase is an on-page optimization, and the second part is user optimization process. A properly optimized homepage should include both of these types of optimization.

As positive user experience with your site is a significant ranking factor, let us start with homepage optimization for our potential customers. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, your homepage should provide website visitors with all required information about your business. To achieve this goal, you need to pay particular attention to your homepage design and structure.

seo optimizers

The first thing you need to consider is above the fold content. This content is visible for your potential customers when they just open your site without scrolling to the bottom. This content makes the first impression about your site and company in general. That is why you need to encourage users to go more in-depth to your site with the help of it. Above the fold content should include website logo, contact information, well-structured menu, call to actions, promotions, link to a shopping cart.

You may check how these features applied to practice, conducting a competitive analysis. Looking through your competitor's websites, you will understand how these principles work and draw some useful techniques which later you may use in practice.

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