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What is the best way to on-page SEO for online store?

Before we start looking for the best way to handle your on-page SEO for online store, let’s have a brief look at the very basics. First of all, there are two spheres of Search Engine Optimization. Off-page SEO stands for all actions you are taking elsewhere on the other websites to elevate your rankings (link building, guest blogging, making posts on forums and any other social platforms). Considering on-page SEO for online store, in particular, you will need to work precisely on your pages to be awarded higher ranking in Google’s SERPs.

seo for online store

Most commonly, any means of off-page SEO should be preceded by on-page search optimization works. And your question is perfectly reasonable, as there is always the right priority to complete full on-page SEO for online store as soon as possible. Just to make Google show your website directly on the front of your target audience. After all, the primary goal of on-page search optimization is to help Google understand every element of your web pages, like content itself, images, titles, etc.

That way, it’s time to have some basic tips and get started with on-page SEO for online store. Here are the very basics, that should be done first and foremost:

  • Target Keywords

Before anything else, you will need to pick the right keywords. That way, select not only most relevant but still least competitive keywords and key phrases that your potential clients are more likely to put into Google’s search bar. Once you have made the main list of keywords, we can finally proceed with using them for on-page SEO for online store of yours.

  • Writing Content

Next comes your content optimization, and it’s not so complicated as you may think. Just keep in mind that you are working with real humans, not the search engines like Google itself. So, keep your content writings as natural and user-friendly as possible. Also, never set your target keywords at random, and never abuse with overstuffing them across your page content just to maintain a keyword density.

  • Visual Content

Once your text content is well-cared, it’s time to pay even more precise attention to your visual web page content. The thing is neither Google itself, nor the rest of the search engines (like Bing, or Yahoo) are unable to “read” or “understand” the images or possibly any items referred to graphics. So, dealing with on-page SEO for online store don’t forget to write some unique descriptive Alt Tag texts for every image hosted on your web pages. Doing so, every graphical element of your catalogs or availability listings will be well-indexed by the search engines. Moreover, that would be a great way to include there some of your keywords, brand names, or product labels as well.

ecommerce seo

  • Mobile Optimization

At last, brush up your online shop with mobile optimization. I mean here that you should always keep in mind that providing an excellent portable-friendly user experience is among your top priorities. Not only for over a half of your potential buyers are searching on smartphones and tablets, but because Google is awarding now a considerably higher ranking in the SERPs for good mobile responsiveness. So, make sure to have your online short well-optimized for portable devices. Mobile optimization is a MUST.

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