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What are the most efficient YouTube video SEO tips?

No need to mention that this world’s top hosting service offers us nearly limitless opportunities for online marketing and promotion. The only problem is that it’s an incredibly crowded place, that’s why there is a very sharp competition ruling over the whole community. So, how to get people enjoy particularly your channel instead of subscribing anywhere else? Are there any universal YouTube video SEO tips to stay out of the crowd?

youtube video seo tips

I believe the only practical way to complete this task is investing your time in optimizing your videos for search. That way, you will be likely to gain more traffic and finally beat your competitors in the list of the search results. Below comes a brief list of my YouTube video SEO tips and tactics to generate more traffic to your channels, as well as your main business website. Let’s delve into the matter!

Much like Google’s search algorithm with over 200 factors of influence, YouTube takes a lot of similar signals for ranking videos and making lists of suggested video content. Most commonly, the following signs are considered to be of top-importance for video search algorithm on YouTube:

  • Title tag info
  • Like/Dislike ratios
  • Audience magnitude
  • Description tag keywords
  • Duration of video
  • Rate of commenting
  • Subscriber count upon watching

youtube video seo

Next, I am going to show four basic YouTube video SEO tips to make use of those signals for pumping more traffic to your videos, and to your business pages after all.

  1. Don’t skimp your time and effort on writing an entirely sufficient video description. Never start getting by with any brief or too short video descriptions. Just remember, that both Google and YouTube are betting mainly on the writing content around the video file to “read” and “understand” its relevancy and common valued delivered to the live user. That way, do your best to have only full video descriptions rich with keywords and long-tail key phrases. Just make sure to maintain at least a 200-word count for every video description.
  2. Working on better ranking on YouTube, remember that you might as well be ranked in Google search results for the same keywords, all in one! That’s true only for specific keywords (a.ka. video keywords), to be more precise. That’s why before taking a final decision on your target video keywords, I suggest checking them on YouTube search and Google top-10 SERPs to make sure you are making out the maximum potential to be ranked high on them both.
  3. Funnel traffic from some popular online communities. The thing is, you are free to share your links to get more video reviews, in turn hooking your content quality and claiming for higher ranking on YouTube search and better chances to be included in top video suggestions.
  4. Don’t miss a reasonable opportunity to encourage user subscription and appreciation with likes, as these activities are sending a powerful signal that demands additional ranking promotion to your extremely entertaining video or purely useful tutorial clip. Just keep in mind, that without using backlinks the search ranking algorithm on YouTube is putting a dominant emphasis on fine user experience. That’s why you should never hesitate to ask people (even repeatedly) to comment, like, and subscribe - in each and every video you are uploading. After all, don’t forget to leave a robust call-to-action message at the end of your videos.
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