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The main points of SEO for fashion e-commerce?

Nowadays, the fashion industry is going through the best times. People try keeping up with their appearance and look trendy. This high demand for stylish clothing causes a boom in the online fashion industry. Every day thousands of online clothing shops appear all over the world. It is one of the most highly competitive market niches where challenging to succeed. The only way out is SEO for fashion e-commerce. The bottom line of your fashion website is defined by its user-friendliness, attractiveness, and mobility. According to the statistical data, at least 25% of customers abandon shopping carts due to such factors as too tricky navigation, slow website load and not clear ordering procedure. Shopping cart abandonment percent grows every year bringing online merchants heavy loses. However, if you have a serious approach to your search engine optimization and know how to implement SEO tactics to your e-commerce site correctly, you will easily outsmart your competitors and make your site stands out from the crowd. In this article, you will find some SEO e-commerce tips to improve your fashion site online presence.

seo for fashion e-commerce

Ways to improve SEO for fashion e-commerce

  • Conduct keyword research for fashion e-commerce

You can apply a standard keyword research to your fashion e-commerce site. It requires conducting competitor research and market niche research to understand which search terms you can use to target your potential customers and outsmart your competitors. You need to make up a list of the most relevant and high-volume keywords and long-tailed key phrases. Try to avoid using generic key phrases such as “pink stripes dress” as most often users search for items by the product names they noticed when previously searching your site, or that are mentioned in magazines. I advise you to keep your product page keyword targeting simple and use product name instead of generic term.

  • Unique metadata

The common problem for e-commerce sites is to have duplicate metadata across product pages. Duplicate metadata may be produced automatically by your content management system. However, you need to control this process. Your titles and descriptions serve as an attention markers and content previews for your potential customers as well as for search bots. That is why you need to create unique and engaging metadata and include relevant to your content keywords in them. It will help you to ensure that click you receive is relevant to your products and most likely to convert.

seo for e-commerce

  • Website navigation

The critical part of your site is faceted and intuitive navigation that enables your fashion e-commerce site visitors to find what they need for less than 30 seconds. Faceted navigation is a type of navigation that placed on the left-hand side of the web page and allows users to filter all results on a page. When an average user looking for some clothing, he most likely wants to narrow down his search using internal search functions. That is why an accurate navigation makes it easier for users to find what they exactly need. By creating faceted navigation, you increase your conversion and reduce a bounce rate.    

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