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What is the best e-commerce area for an SEO company?

When it comes to e-commerce search engine optimization, a lot of traditional optimization strategies just do not have any value. It does not make sense to create individually optimized titles/meta descriptions for the numerous product pages. Moreover, to provide a keyword suggestion for multiple products also seem a fool. Due to the large scale of many e-commerce sites, traditional optimization strategies may be either too time-consuming or tiresome. Apart from conventional search engine optimization tactics, e-commerce websites usually present a set of SEO barriers you need to circumvent.

best e-commerce seo company

For e-commerce site SEO it is significant to make all website pages being crawled and indexed by search bots. Otherwise, you are risking to lose traffic and sales. There are five areas for e-commerce search engine optimization that can improve your site online presence and boost your revenue. These areas include site indexation, menu navigation, on-page copy for category pages, product schema, URL structure. In this article, we will take a closer look at these valuable areas the best e-commerce SEO companies advise to focus on.

E-commerce SEO areas

  • Site indexation

Site indexation is a must-have part of any big e-commerce site. Your site optimization efforts are useless if search bots can not find your website content. There are several methods how you can improve your site indexation. First of all, you need to review the number of server errors your e-commerce site returns in Google Search Console. You need to pay attention to your server errors in the Crawl Errors report in Search Console. These errors usually indicate a poor e-commerce site health. Moreover, you need to review your sitemap as it regularly appears that a lot of discontinued items are placed on a sitemap while their pages were already removed. It means that Google bots continue to parse product pages that are no longer exist. That is why you need continually update your sitemap to reflect the arrival of new staff and gives a signal to Google to stop parsing the old ones.

  • Menu navigation

A quality website menu navigation is essential for e-commerce website SEO and interlinking. The product pages you identify in your site menu are usually indexing in search results. Menu navigation for e-commerce sites simplifies a process of streamlining hundreds of thousands of product pages. The option which the best e-commerce SEO companies recommend to implement to their client sites is the use of secondary navigation options. Your primary site menu should include only most general product categories with the opportunity to expand each of these types to secondary options within the group.

  • On-page copy for category pages

The simple listing of the items on a product category page does not provide any indication of what that page should rank for in Google. Instead of it, you should implement textual HTML content on a page. You should make a short description for each website product category to give search bots a chance to crawl your e-commerce site content and rank it in search results.  

  • Product schema

The most suitable structured data for an e-commerce site is a product schema. Search engines emphasis on a benefit of using product schema for e-commerce sites. That is why you need to make sure you have a product schema with an image reference.

e-commerce seo

  • URL structure

To improve your URL structure, you need to keep your products close to the root folder. You may include longer parameter strings after the product folder. However, you need to make sure your brand name is visible in the URL for search results.

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