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Do you know what makes a difference in SEO engine by engine?

Today, most of us are naturally tending to use Google as the most preferable for search. But here comes a mystery. For those dealing with the Search Engine Optimization, climbing on the top of Google’s ranking is seemingly the most reasonable objective. After all, it’s the world’s industry giant helping up with over 3 billion search requests daily. But what about the rest of other services dealing with the search on the Internet? And I mean here not only clones of Google like Bing and Yahoo, relying on the similar rules of SEO engine by engine. It seems like we forgot about the great area of Social Media. Just remember about an incredible turnover and considerable audiences, for example on the most popular platforms like Facebook or Twitter. What if they have much more in common with Google, rather than we have ever thought? That way, each of them has its special SEO, engine algorithms, and peculiarities, as well as the rest of behavior patterns, which do matter for those working in the sphere of Social Media or dealing with possibly any online promotion. So, let’s finally check, does it make any difference in SEO engine by engine.

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Before anything else, let’s take it for granted - Facebook is showing the strongest results for local business in particular. This social platform is an effective mean of communication - starting from just staying connected with friends, sharing opinions and knowledge, up to commercial doings like online advertising and market promotion for different products or services.

Based on the recent survey, daily search estimate on Facebook comes now to over 1 billion figure. That’s why there is a sharp competition over there, so keeping yourself on the top becomes a challenging task. So, to achieve a higher ranking on Facebook, you will need to work on some peculiar patterns of SEO by engine requirements.

  • Choose the right name for your page or group. Considering SEO, engine on Facebook gives the top importance to the first word of your name.
  • No need to have your title overstuffed with as many keywords as possible. Don’t look like spam, taking one keyword will be enough.
  • Consider including some extra info to your headers, for example about your location, the company’s mission. Just try to have everything as short and eye-catching as possible.
  • Work on your URLs, as the default ones always like a random set of numbers. Make sure to customize all your URLs from the very beginning.

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This second traditional social service is more useful for getting news, different entertainment and business topics of global trending. Unlike Facebook, people on Twitter are most likely to spend their time on staying in touch with big names and celebrities.

Working on the search optimization here is much easier. In fact, Twitter has no particularly strong requirements for SEO by engine logics, which is as simple as it could be. All you need here is just:

  • Twitter search is based on hashtags. And everything becomes quite easy when using RiteTag, or any other tool for hashtag management available in open access.
  • Note, you should use a real name of your brand to benefit from the best-ranking performance.
  • Make sure to get started with a short biography or summary descriptions. Like anywhere else, have it rich with keywords. As for SEO, engine mechanism on Twitter will be glad to see your website’s backlinks there. And don’t forget to have some hashtags as well.

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