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Which search ranking tools services can help webmasters?

The intention behind building back-links, submitting guest posts, or advertising on a site is to target popular sites. While algorithms may contain errors, there is no assurance that one will pick a top-ranking website, or it will remain so in the future. The following is a list of services used in website ranking to help with the decision.

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Top website ranking tools

1. Page Rank (PR)

Google offers PR just as a search engine ranking tool for measuring the quality and popularity of a site. Nevertheless, it is not enough to have marketers build trust in it as there are those websites that have inflated PR. The principle is that it divides sites into 11 categories (0-10). The higher the PR, the better the site. A PR of 10 is rare, 7-9 are common but still a minority since it is considered a very high-quality site. A score of 5 or 6 means that it is a quality site according to google website ranking, 3 or 4 are average, whereas 0 to 2 are below average.

2. Alexa

Unlike PR, Alexa arranges sites on a list. The higher the rank in the list, the more desirable the site. Sites under 10K have extremely high popularity, 10K to 30K enjoy good popularity, up to 100K have relatively good traffic, while anything above 200K brings back little traffic. Experts advise marketers to combine Alexa and PR due to their correlations. It is important to cross -check and determine the relevance of the site. This SEO ranking tool also allows people to see the country of origin of the top websites.

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3. Compete is a website ranking tool, which is not as thorough as the previous sites discussed. With a user base of 2 million in the United States, their data is still relevant to determine the popularity of a site. Those using Compete may find that the most frequented sites with good Alexa and PR may not be recognizable in the States and vice versa.

4. Quantcast.

Like Compete, this search engine ranking tool is used to check website ranking in the United States market. However, it does not collect information from the general population but a sample and extrapolate the results. Quantcast is not very reliable as many great sites do not use the service. Even so, it still serves as a good source nevertheless.

5. CustomRank

This SEO ranking tool combines different metrics to present users with a joint ranking. It makes sure that it balances all services to ensure that it provides a fair rating for all.

6. MozTrust and MozRank

The company behind the creation of the two, together with DomainAuthority and PageAuthority is SEOmoz. It is quite reputable in the industry which means that they are significant for SEO purposes. MozTrust measures the global link trust score whereas MozRank deals with the popularity of a link. Both use a scale that ranges between 1 to 10, and the higher a site rates, the better.

7. ComScore

It is similar to Compete, and Quantcast, as it bases its analysis on the activities of 2 million users which diminishes its reliability. It comes in handy when one is in the process of planning their advertising budget and not when in search of back-links. However, it has some significance as some of the internet’s top-ranking websites appear on its lists.

8. Google Trends

It is mostly used to determine the search volumes of keywords. However, one of its lesser-known uses is to analyze how two sites fair over time or in different regions. It is a perfect resource when trying to get past data to determine the future popularity of a site.

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9. Ranking

If the other eight are not satisfactory, then is another service to use. It only includes the top 1 million sites which mean that it is limited. If the website that one is looking for is not on the list, then it goes to say a lot about its popularity. It uses its data from IE browser toolbar meaning that Firefox and Apple users are not part of the sample.


These are just but a few top example services to use for ranking websites. Combining them gives better results to determine if a site is any good for backlinks.

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