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How to achieve balance between SEO and ecommerce marketing?

As an ecommerce store owner, you know firsthand how important it is to gain client’s trust so that more visitors will decide to buy from you. As you start promoting your online store, your primary goal should be to target users who are looking to make a purchase. The best way you can do that is by leveraging SEO for your ecommerce website.

Today, I will tell you about the best techniques to achieve a balance between SEO and ecommerce marketing. Keep on reading to discover how you can double your ecommerce website traffic in the shortest time.

seo and ecommerce marketing

3-Step Guide to Achieving Balance Between SEO and Ecommerce Marketing

Make a Keyword Research

First, focus on identifying revenue-generating keywords for your website. Nowadays, there are many incredible SEO tools for tracking your website traffic. Choose the one that will provide you with the report on the entire life cycle of your clients. It will be great if the report shows you those users who visit your site but don’t convert into customers. Study the report, and hone in on the keywords that signify visitors who are ready to buy your products. Once you are done with that, separate these phrases into two columns:

  • High quantity keywords;
  • High-quality keywords.

High quantity keywords are those that bring in revenue by generating a lot of targeted traffic. High-quality phrases, on the contrary, don’t bring as much traffic. However, these phrases attract customers for your services and products with the biggest margins. The following two types of traffic complement each other, improving your Google rankings. It’s vital to use them when promoting your online store since they help build your reputation as an established ecommerce site for a long time.  

Increase Quality of Visitors

When it comes to website traffic, most people focus on the numbers, not quality, which is absolutely wrong. Despite the fact that quality doesn’t get as much attention as quantity, the truth is that the former is far more valuable than the latter. You should understand that visits alone do not equate to a profitable business. To make money, you’ve got to convert those visitors and turn them into customers. Fortunately, there are plenty ways you can attract and retain clients. Start with implementing live chat and signs of social proof. Another great idea is to create exciting product demo videos. Also, consider quality product images — they are an absolutely fundamental element of the product pages.

Use Paid Search to Sell More

One more way to achieve the balance between SEO and ecommerce marketing is to focus your marketing efforts on high-quality conversion keywords while weeding out high traffic and low conversion generating keywords. Advertising with the keywords you identified in step one will be cheaper for you because you will get a smaller number of total clicks. Furthermore, it will also be more profitable because you are attracting users who are ready to buy.

seo marketing


Even though the above tasks may take a lot of effort, once you get them right, it will be much easier for you to maintain them. As long as you stay on top of the best-targeted keywords, your ecommerce site will start to generate revenue at an outstanding rate.

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