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How to tell the difference between a leading SEO firm and fly-by-night company?

Nowadays a sphere of SEO become highly competitive. A lot of new SEO agencies appeared across the world every day. However, not all of them are reliable leading SEO firms. Some of them are fly-by-night companies which just want to get your money out. In this article, we will find out the difference between good and bad SEO businesses and learn how to hire a real SEO expert.

leading seo firm

For sure you will start searching a suitable SEO agency on Google, inserting the corresponding query in a search box. As a result, you receive a list of different companies that provide almost the same services. The question is how to choose an appropriate company that will improve your website SEO. The following ways help you to avoid fraudsters and hire a leading SEO firm.

Tips for hiring a professional SEO company

  • Open relations

A good SEO company will provide you with comprehensive information about promotional services and tactics they use to make a website visible on Google. Make sure a company does not implement any black-hat SEO techniques to avoid search engine penalties. SEO experts will tell you the real time frames of website optimization without any tempting offers to make a website in a day. Usually, a quality optimization takes from 6 to 10 weeks.

  • Industry experts

If you would like to cooperate with experienced SEO experts like Moz or Semalt leading SEO firms, pay attention to a quality of websites they have, services they provide and the number of experts on their staff. Professional SEO firms should have accounts on social media platforms and blogs to share some information about SEO market novelties and useful educational articles.

  • Portfolio

Look at the company portfolio before deciding whether to cooperate with a particular SEO company or not. Of course, some companies keep their clients list private. However, they should provide you with this list by your request. If a company can not provide you with any portfolio projects, it could mean a lack of experience. Do not be fooled by empty promises. You should trust only visible results!

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  • Support services

A leading SEO firm should have a support team which is available 24/7. If you have some questions or need assistance concerning your website optimization, an SEO expert should reply you instantly. Moreover, a good SEO agency should understand your business goals and present SEO position to develop a right promotional campaign.

  • Price point

If some SEO company offers you a regular package for a standard price, then they do not find attractive in a final result of optimization. They just want to make your money out. A leading SEO agency will be doing marketing analysis and provide you with a commercial offer before they offer you a deal.

Reliable companies provide their customers with fixed prices per month or a fixed price for a project. All safe money transactions are made through well-known online payment systems such as PayPal or FastSpring. You should not fall for low prices on SEO services. It can mean only one thing - low-quality SEO.

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