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Will Semalt Facebook monitoring help me with promoting the online store?

As of the end of 2014, Facebook is visited by 1.35 billion registered visitors per month i.e. 865 million people daily. Use this unique platform to develop your business. Acquire new customers and increase your income level without spending a cent on advertising. Start right now! How to promote a website using Facebook? Look how your competitors do!

A social network is perfect for business, it gathers incoherent audience. Among numerous Facebook users there are definitely those who need your goods and services. So called buzz marketing owes its popularity to appearance of such resources as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. Nowadays, each large company has its webpages and groups in social networks. Advantage of social marketing is equal odds to succeed both for small business and large corporations.
Is Facebook any better than other social networks?
  • This network is quite old. Its regular users are for the most part solvent people of multiple interests. As you can see, demand for any goods and services is guaranteed.
  • Facebook can be a worthy substitute for business card website, blog, or even an e-shop.
  • There is geolocation binding.
  • There is a plenty of additional services and apps for business.
  • An average Facebook user spends about 55 minutes on the website daily. Besides, in average he clicks Like button 9 times, follows 2 pages, and leave 25 comments every month.
  • The year of 2014 showed global trend of growth of average age of Facebook users. The network gains popularity with audience aged 35 and older.
  • Average amount of a user’s friends who he shares his news with is 130.
How to create a business account with Facebook?

If you want to set up an account for business, a regular profile won’t do for you. You need a separate page or a group. You can create a business page using a private Facebook account and assign your company’s employees to administer it. It looks like a regular account, but with the key differences:

  • no Add Friend button
  • Like button
  • Follow button

Tracking likes, number of followers and other social signals is possible in concise form on Facebook website. For business it is recommended to use more itemized data. Semalt Facebook monitoring provides all required information.

Your Facebook presence is dedicated to increasing website visibility and forming loyalty of target audience. But promotion of a website to the top of Google is not limited to work with social media. At this stage you require efficient set of tools of Semalt Google rankings monitoring and SEO. A few Semalt service plans allow you to decide on the volume of services required for your website.

What should my Facebook business page look like?

Facebook business page and group differ radically from a regular user account. Their main task is drawing new customers to your website. Before creating a page for a commercial project consider the following factors:

  • Title.

When visiting your Facebook page, a user has to understand at first sight what goods, services, and information you offer. The title must be short and memorable so that users could find you easily in Facebook search. Its search system is similar to Google, webpages are also ranked by relevance. Short titles are easier to remember; do not place the entire list of your company’s goods and services in the header.

  • Design.

Design of a business page should catch the eye. A user has to recognize your webpage at first sight. Do not make the page cover too bright, it makes the title fade and be difficult to read.

Use the company logo as a profile picture, and fill the cover according to the subject of the page. Pick the main corporate colors and use them to the max.

  • Applications.

Pay special attention to applications – they are found on the left of a business Facebook page. Add tools that could be useful to your potential clients. It could be a loan calculator, a converter, entertaining apps.

  • Content.

Your followers will regularly see your updates in their news feed. Do your best to make them interested. Inspire users to like your posts or share them with their friends. Do not load the page with advertisements of your brand, it would rather repel users. Focus on publishing fun facts, how-to’s, workshops, entertaining content. This way you’ll get more shares and likes. 

Use the Facebook page to announce promos and competitions that are held on the company website. Hold quizzes and prize drawings. If you also have a corporate blog, make sure to share its publications on Facebook. Do not hesitate to share someone else’s records, monitor pages of authoritative companies.

  • Target audience.

Determine your target audience – age, sex, interests, and location of your potential customers. Facebook gives an opportunity to see these data. Search for relevant groups, follow other users, and invite users to follow your page.

To track traffic statistics and behavior factors on your website, use a web analytics tool. Semalt statistical monitoring with no history recording is free. With the help of the comprehensive set of Semalt tools you can create semantic kernel of a website, and see what positions it holds at relevant keywords. The useful option called Website Analyzer involves data of social signals. Semalt Facebook monitoring helps with efficient administration of your page.

Research your competitors. Semalt will provide you with a list of the most relevant websites and will let you track their updates. Make sure to visit Facebook pages of your competitors, pay attention at their design and what content gains most likes.

Here you can see an example of Facebook business page.

I see. Thanks. Where can I find more info about social signals monitoring?

Find out more about Semalt on our help page.

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