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How to monitor in Semalt Joomla based website positions?

Joomla is translated as a single whole. This CSM matches up to its name. Its developers bothered to equip a webmaster with all tools necessary for creating full-scale websites. Functionality of Joomla allows creating informational pages, blogs, and online stores. Usability and availability made Joomla a leader among web tools. The CMS has an open source code. It offers a plenty of applications and plug-ins. And now first things first. 

If we are talking of the most popular CMS, Joomla stands out with:

  • customizable settings
  • support of basic databases (Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, plans call for SQLite, Oracle)
  • high safety level
  • regular updates
  • a wide range of templates
  • an opportunity to create original modules
  • multilinguality

Simple interface makes it possible even for a novice user to install Joomla. Numerous hostings offer installation of CMS Joomla as a bonus service. Professional developers can find a lot of interesting opportunities as well.

Today Joomla is widely used in online business. Entrepreneurs have estimated the opportunity to create webpages and manage content independently. That being said, CMS is the first stone in foundation of your business, but by far not a single tool required for promotion of your site on the Internet.  

Semalt & Joomla: effective co-operation

How do you estimate your website? Really, it is impossible to guess how efficient it is – how many people have visited it for a week, what are its positions at keywords, who are your customers, where they are located, etc. There are special monitoring systems that make allowance for these and other factors.

Joomla deploys a lot of additional modules including specialized module Google Analytics. It is designed to track website traffic. But is it so effective or it is better to use a fully-featured system of web statistics monitoring?

It is hard to escape an answer. A lot of us remember breakdowns in Google Analytics in 2012 – incorrect traffic count caused distortion of web statistics that made website owners quite unhappy.

An alternative was presented by Semalt company. It is a comprehensive system of monitoring and SEO. The service suits both to informational resources and online stores. Besides, basic statistics monitoring is available for free. If a customer needs more services he can get a paid package covering:

  • recording history of positions
  • picking semantic kernel
  • analyzing website structure
  • analyzing competitive environment
  • SEO

Detailed Semalt review is available on the company website as well as on other websites. For example, the page MegaLeads Review – Semalt Website Monitor outlines all advantages of this service. Forbes describes Semalt as a perspective start-up capable of solving numerous tasks related to work with websites.

With the help of Semalt Joomla based web site it is possible to appear in TOP Google search within a matter of months. Only ‘white hat’ SEO technologies are employed. The company’s specialists focus on quality what results in hundreds of customers happy with increase of their positions in Google search.

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