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Can you explain me the necessity of search engine registration?

There are three most widely-used search engines where you need to submit your site - Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If your website comes up on the first SERP page of all these search engines, it is a good sign for you that shows that your site is well-optimized and submitted. However, if it is not come up near the TOP, it means that your potential clients can’t find your web source and you lose your opportunities to boost your revenue and improve your brand recognition. To improve this situation, you need to make a website redesign, conduct a winning promotional campaign and re-submit your web source to search engines.

search engine registration

Why should I submit my site to search engines?

Imagine the scenario that you have already optimized your site and even made a site redesign, but your rankings are still low. What can be the reason of it? I’m going to tell you a secret why you have such poor results. Search engines can’t just evaluate your SEO efforts as you do not submit your site to their systems. By submitting your site to search engines, you get listed on them and can attract quality search traffic. Moreover, you receive an opportunity to show search engines all your website updates and changes as soon as you implement them. Website owners benefit from submitting their web sources to search engines as they can improve their rankings and raise conversion rate.

How to conduct a registration to search engines?

  • Google

It is quite easy to submit your site to Google. You do need to pay any fees or fill out lengthy registration forms. For submitting your site to Google, you need to set up your site with Google Search Console. After that, you should go to Google’s web page for URL submitting. To complete this task, you need to insert your website URL in a search box, confirm that you are a person by putting a check “I am not a robot” and click “Add URL.” Moreover, it is advisable to submit your website map through Google Search Console.

search engines

  • Bing

You can submit your site to Bing the same way you present it to Google. To register your site with this system, you should go to Bing’s Webmaster Tool and register there as the user. As soon as you obtained a login, you need to insert your homepage URL and click on “Submit” button. After submitting procedure, you need to verify your ownership of the domain. To complete a verification process, you need to add a part of HTML code to the header of your site.

  • Yahoo

Since recently, Microsoft owned both Bing and Yahoo search engines. It means that when you submit your site to Bing, you will also appear in Yahoo search results.In the past, Yahoo submission procedure was paid. However, nowadays this directory is no longer available.

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