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Is that true that there is HTTPS and SEO impact on your rankings?

Let’s take it for granted - nowadays, strongly dependent HTTPS and SEO impact every website rankings in the list of search engine result pages, with almost no exclusion. There are enough reasons to switch the website from HTTP to HTTPS, just considering current global trend for the best and safest user experience. From the viewpoint of running a commercial doing, for example, an online web store, HTTPS and SEO impact becomes entirely clear. We should just face it - it is always far better to act proactively. And the modern reality of the Web needs us to do our best for keeping every successful online project in front of such changes.

https seo impact

Moreover, Google itself has recently announced its own top priority, particularly on better security level. And you have probably noticed that all the services supported by the search giant are now providing a secure connection automatically (like Google Search itself, Gmail, Google Drive, etc.). Well, we see that the team of Google works now on making the Internet safer place for browsing, and secure financial transactions, even harder than ever before!

Not to mention that the biggest players in the online market are always doing the best of their best to provide only A-1 grade products or services. In fact, a formerly incredible level of security via secure HTTPS encryption procedures has already become a standard state of running their businesses. I mean that the most experienced online customers are expecting to deal only with the web pages offering a good security level with HTTPS. THey simply expect such a safe user experience by default, just skipping those outdated platforms still getting by without SSL certificates.

Still hesitating about HTTPS and SEO impact on your business website promotion in Google’s list of SERPs? You might as well find all the answers at the official web pages by Google, made up mainly for those still uncertain about getting the final decision to transfer from HTTP to HTTPS. Rather than convincing you on some prompt advantages in online promotion, which come from the joint HTTPS SEO impact, I am going to have a brief overview of the process of shifting from HTTP to HTTPS for your website.

When handled correctly (even by self), getting your web pages migrated to HTTPS can become a straightforward and rather simple process:

  • Make a purchase of your SSL certificate
  • Pass through the installation procedure for the certificate using a hosting account of your website
  • It’s important to have a double check on all your links, as once your migration is completed, every URL without full update to HTTPS will be lost forever

https or http

After all, don’t forget to inform the search engines of your website transfer. Just have 301 redirects set up to HTTPS, to make every user having bookmarked any web page of yours be automatically guided to your newly updated ones. Finally, should you have any problems with Google’s Search Console, I recommend creating two individual properties to separate HTTP and HTTPS-based pages to prevent such mess once and for all.

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