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What are the most common search engine optimization strategies?

Considering SEO as a comprehensive set of techniques with the final aim to get your website higher ranking in the list of the SERPs, there are three basic search engine optimization strategies. They are used by the lion’s share of businesses of different capacity, either by the companies of just minor scale eager to start their operating online from the very beginning, or those having already achieved some convincing results in traditional brick and mortar business and feeling the necessity to go forward and move online.

search engine optimization strategies

Whether you are going to try yourself in DIY SEO, or have already come to a well-formed decision to get assisted by the experienced old team of industry experts, anyway, you should be aware of the following three basic search engine strategies. Just keep them in mind before getting started with your website optimization.

It’s easy to be good

Let’s start with White Hat SEO, as the most recognized and widely used technique, away from the rest of the search engine optimization strategies. Applying for a White Hat SEO means having optimization works to elevate the website’s search rankings, strictly following the guidelines and recommendations made by Google itself. White Hat SEO is betting on just fair and violation-free action plans, such as developing quality content, doing proper (not paid!) link building, working on HTML optimization. Yes, it will be hard work to do. Though, choosing the right way of White Hat SEO means you feel assured and rely on sometimes modest and just gradual, but still steady and long-lasting ranking progress.

Shifting to the dark side

Like the malicious antipodes of White Hat SEO tactics, Black Hat search optimization strategies are more result-oriented rather than purely decent players. Black Hat SEO is using different technical schemes to exploit any real weak spots in Google’s search algorithms. The primary objective, however, remains all the same - getting higher rankings for the web pages. Stepping on the dark side can offer you an unpredictable, and sometimes even dangerous, but prompt yet short-term gains in ranking. Doing so, Black Hat SEO usually goes for abusing with link spam, hidden or cloaked text content, keyword stuffing and many other violations.

seo strategies

Taking everything together

There is a so-called Grey Hat SEO, which simply combines the best findings of the two most important search engine optimization strategies we have just looked through. In fact, a wise Grey Hat SEO means using the most efficient legal tactics when possible, fueling them with some promising violations yet still not exploited by masses. That way, one can gain a quite reasonable progress, without paying too much risk of being caught for a breach and penalized by Google.

Of course, choosing between these contrasting search engine optimization strategies should be the personal choice of the individual. It’s up to you to decide in what way you are going to act. Just remember one little thing - exploiting weak spots of the search algorithms may seem quite attractive to those seeking for only prompt ranking progress. But Google is still keeping an eye on the Internet. So, when playing a foul game, remember that it can be punished any time, starting with light ranking penalization, and up to the withdrawal of the entire domain authority.

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